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Excelsior Days

The sim began three days after the fierce battle on Wotal Prime's eastern continent. The crew had been beamed up from the bomb scarred fields and sent through quarantine. The Potemkin had been ordered by Starfleet to remain in orbit over the planet and keep an eye on the "period of unrest."

The Alpha shift began quietly, with nothing of note happening. However, an observable azure cloud could be seen on the view screen, creeping slowly toward the 'Tem. Captain Mitchell asked Arkin for an analysis, but was only met with the statement that the cloud did not seem to be appearing on sensors. It only appeared to only be registering on the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Any and all attempts to scan it were failing. Erring on the side of caution, Warp ordered a course to avoid the cloud. Meanwhile, Bom, Micheal (and later Arnet) discussed various personal matters down in engineering.

Warp contacted Ambassador Ser on the surface of Wotal Prime to ask if they had any readings on the mystery spacial phenomenon. She reported that there was nothing on their own systems. About the same time, the thrusters kicked in to avoid the cloud. At that point the anomaly seemed to shift position and come even closer to the ship. Sensors flared to life, reading chroniton particle emissions.

The impulse engines were ordered to escape this recent time distortion, but that seemed to have the same results. With it still looming closer, Warp called for warp power. However, once the engines kick in they instantly died out again. Something had collapsed the warp field and the ship was now on the outer edge of the phenomenon. An all call was put out warning the crew to prepare for - whatever.

A blue light flooded the ship - turning from azure to a dazzling white. The ship then lurched violently as if it had struck something. When everything died down it was painfully apparent that something was very very wrong. The bridge layout was different, the walls and floor more used and warn. Engineering was now laid out around an antiquated warp core. Time buoys showed that the stardate was still the same. However, the old LCARS layouts all read "USS Potemkin, NCC-1711-A, Excelsior Class."

Fuller and a security team were dispatched to check the decks and secure the ship (if necessary). Another conversation with Ambassador Ser yielded the information that, according to sensors, NOTHING had happened. A brief subspace conversation with Starfleet later, the crew was ordered to look for the 'Tem-C and try to ascertain why the 'Tem-A had appeared out of nowhere. Meanwhile, searching of the ship and the ship's database, it was ascertained that all the crew and everything on the 'Tem-C was on the 'Tem-A. It's as if the two ships had simply swapped places.

Breaking orbit of Wotal Prime, the ship headed toward the asteroid belt to search for their missing ship. A tritanium signature was registered on sensors, and the crew went to investigate. The signature turned out to be a Wotal defense vessel (most likely under the command of Rin's forces). Instead of firing directly on the 'Tem, it started blowing apart asteroids. The resulting debris began pounding the shields and weakening them significantly. another defense vessel arrived and employed the same tactic.

Ti'brus came up with the idea to use the deflector dish as a repulsor beam, and he and Bom were working quickly to implement it. The beam worked, pushed the rocks away and causing them to hit (and, consequently, destroying) one of the vessels. The other one quickly disappeared back into the labyrinth of asteroids and was lost to sensors. The 'Tem returned to Wotal Prime where they received new standing orders - find the Potemkin-C.

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