A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


After rapidly warping the Potemkin away from Vandos, Ozymandias brought the the ship to the Galactic Center, where Zeus had been imprisoned before. The Olympian was sure that Zeus would return there, although some of the crew had their doubts. The mood on the bridge was tense as Arkin and Little discussed what it means to be a god, Bom discussed with Micheal his previous history with Zeus, and the rest simply prepared for the worst. Knowing that Ares had gifted Warp a contact device, Ozymandias told the captain to retrieve and activate it.

As soon as Warp complied, sensors came to life and detected a large storm of electrical energy that was approaching the 'Tem. Unfortunately, it was a deep blue swirling storm that Ozymandias correctly identified as Zeus, not Ares. This was confirmed moments later when a battered Ares was hurled at, and bounced off of, the Potemkin's shields! Ozymandias brought the exhausted Ares on board, and together everyone waited for the storm, ie Zeus, to hit. A blue tendril whipped out from the main storm, pierced the shields, and entered main engineering. Bom was hit, flying backward. However, he stood up moments later - once again an unwilling host to the malignant Zeus.

Fuller was dispatched with a security team toward engineering; while Micheal's efforts to stop Zeus/Bom proved unsuccessful - the powerful being managed to melt his phaser! Zeus then began tweaking with the warp core, causing total power loss on decks 6-9 and dropping the shields. At this juncture, Hyperion also suddenly appeared, equally bruised and cut up. He revealed that they need the ship to seal Zeus in the barrier again, and Ozymandias went to main engineering to press Micheal into helping him. Meanwhile, Fuller's team was being beaten down by tendrils of blue energy.

Zeus, inside of Bom, meanwhile made his way up to the bridge. Phaser fire, as predicted, had little effect. Both Hyperion and Ares rushed Zeus, but the evil nearly omnipotent energy sent them crashing into the viewscreen and science station, respectively. Warp ordered that the crew opened fire again, but Zeus only absorbed the blast. Then, a blue bolt struck Arkin in chest, throwing her to the ground. Arnet rushed over to her, only to discover too late that Zeus had leaped into Arkin!

Down in Main Engineering, Ozymandias and Micheal were working quickly to reroute power and to configure the deflector dish. The Olympian revealed his plan - to use the Potemkin to strengthen the barrier beyond what it was and keep Zeus trapped their forever. Up on the bridge, Zeus (inside of Arkin) was doing a good deal of damage to both crew and the bridge itself. Finally the being left Arkin - but latched onto Hyperion and Ares and smashed them through the bridge's skylight!

Out in the void of space, the Olympians could still be seen fighting. Forcefields covered the whole so the crew would not be sucked out too. With the war taken outside for the moment, the crew started working on damage control. Moments later Ozymandias and Micheal arrived on the bridge, their tinkering done at last. Then, in one horrifying moment, Hyperion was slammed against the forcefield and Zeus began to absorb all his energy. Ozymandias decided that he needed to join the fight and told Micheal to wait for his order to fire the modified deflector. As he disappeared, sensor picked up a faint lifesign in the void that was slowly fading. Melina had it beamed aboard; it was none other than Hyperion - turned into a human by Zeus's energy drain!

The Potemkin suddenly jerked closer to the barrier, where Ares and Ozymandias could be seen combating Zeus among the waves of energy. Ozymandias suddenly appeared on the bridge and told Micheal to fire up the deflector dish. The dish sent out a massive burst of energy, exactly like that of the barrier, that drove Ares and Zeus deep into the heart of the energy storm. Ozymandias revealed that this new barrier was stronger - Zeus could never escape again. When questioned, he revealed that Ares was also trapped; he would fight Zeus eternally to make sure that the latter never escaped. It was a hefty sacrifice, but one that Ares did willingly.

Warp ordered the crew to the battle bridge, as the main one was damaged beyond use. Ozymandias, however, took Warp and he to sickbay to check up on Hyperion's condition. There is was revealed that Zeus had turned the Olympian into a mortal and that he was suffering from nearly total amnesia. Even worse, it was still to be seen if Hyperion could survive his exposure to the vacuum of space. Suddenly, the ship shuddered. It seems that the extensive damage had cause the 'Tem's bridge ejection system to cut in and the bridge module was thrown into space.

Just before departing, Ozymandias entrusted Hyperion to the crew's care and, just before departing to Vandos again, transported the whole ship to outside of the Sol System so it could get needed repairs.

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