A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Dia De Los Muertos

The sim started after the formal memorial service for the six lives lost in the recent shuttlecraft accident, and for lost lives in general from the Potemkin. The crew milled about, reflecting upon (and some trying to escape) from the somber mood. Before the mood could dip any further, Captain Mitchel rounded up the senior staff to start the more informal service in which anyone could share a recollection of the recently departed.

Warp went first, delivering his memories of Lieutenant Marquez. During his recollections events started to unfold. Arnet went to encourage Lieutenants Micheal and Melina to share their feelings, as thoughts for colleagues might help better than from commanding officers. Counselor Jordan, who had been feeling a pressure in her temples, began to hear voices. And, to top off the random occurrences, into the lounge walked Commander Prax Jarvin. And the lights dropped imperceptibly for just a second.

While Arnet and Prax caught up a bit (and threw back a few choice drinks)and Arkin moved to check a console, Micheal took the podium to speak of his memories of Petty Officer Keren. He was halfway through addressing the crowd, when things got worse. The lights started dropping and coming back up unexpectedly. The console Arkin was working on sparked and went dead for no reason. Jordan still was hearing voices and being quite vocal about it. All these happenings completely destroy any show of a memorial service.

Things only get worse when Warp is unable to contact engineering or the bridge to check what is going on. When Micheal and Melina are sent to each location, they couldn't get past the door frame because of mysterious blue aura that repelled anyone trying to cross it. Jordan was becoming more distraught as the voices became more persistent. And things kept getting more eerie. A Jeffrie's tube hatch would not open, denying any sort of access from the lounge.

Jordan was led to the center of the room, yelling out in frustration for the voice to tell her what it wanted. As if in response to this, the mysterious blue aura began to fill the room. No one could escape it, and everyone soon found themselves frozen solid, unable to move.

Then it happened. Intense flashes of white and blue light blinded nearly everyone, coming in fast and stronger pulses ever second. After two last intense bursts, everything disappeared and everything was at it was before -- almost. There, lying at Jordan's feet was a figure dressed in a white flowing gown. After further inspection it turned out to be none other than Lieutenant Andrea O'Donnell -- who had died over a year ago. This sent ripples across the assembled crowd. Captain Mitchell ordered the senior staff to the bridge and for Ms. O'Donnell to be taken to sickbay.

It was, in all senses of the word, the day of the dead.

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