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Destiny of the Nerians

After the Wotal had landed on Neria, they were beaten back by the Starfleet. Now, a week later, both the Potemkin and Trafalgar had settled into monitoring duty. The deliberations about Neria's admittance into the Federation continued in a town hall meeting set up and key members of the Potemkin crew, along with Captain Prax and Lieutenant Micheal, beamed down to attend at the request of Admiral Atherton.

The crew found itself outside of Neria's Court of Law, in a plaza that Bom compared to Paris on Earth. Tens of thousands of Nerians were gathered around - some cheering, some jeering, and some keeping the local police forces occupied. The mood in the city seemed bright however, and everyone could sense a big change was coming. Arkin, meanwhile, amused herself by studying local architecture and the various bits of graffiti on the wall. Her studies took her down a side alley where a mysterious voice began addressing her and calling attention to a particular rendition of Rin, portrayed as a savior figure.

Out in the plaza still, Bom and Arnet were having a discussion about some Nerian's seeming opposition to joining the Federation. While they droned on, Fuller began to noticed a light in one of the buildings. It was blinking off and on, almost like in Morse code. He could not decipher the code, but he thought he caught a glimpse of a response from another building. Out of the corner of his eye Ryan also caught a glimpse of two tall pale figures with bright red and blue hair - definitely not Nerian. Arkin, during all this, was having a conversation about Rin's virtues and vices with the voice, who seemed to believe that the Nerian's were inferior and that Rin was the true saver of Neria - he had only attacked the planet to drive away the Federation.

Suddenly, there was a loud explosive sound and Bom fell on the steps of the court house, bleeding profusely from his shoulder. It soon became apparent that someone had fired a projectile weapon - and suddenly more shots rang out. Melina's suit was nicked and began to leak water; Warp's cheek was grazed as he fired to where he thought the sniper was. Arnet dragged Bom into the safety of the courthouse to treat his wounds while the rest of the crew found cover of their own. Arkin, on her own, found her mysterious opponent to be Rin himself, and he told her that in twenty minutes one of his men were detonate a bomb they were carrying. Arkin tried to stop the Wotal leader, but he shot her in the leg and disappeared quickly again.

Apprising Warp and Prax of the bomb threat, which kept them from leaving the planet's surface immediately, Arkin then noticed two oddly dressed persons and tried to relay their position to Prax. Meanwhile, the shooting continued with Micheal being shot in the chest - only to be saved by combadge. Together Ryan and Fuller were able to clear out some of the shooters, but suddenly a laser shot took out a marble pillar in front of the court house, one of the pieces striking Prax. Warp ordered the 'Tem to move to a higher orbit and scan for Wotal vessels, realizing that Rin had to have some method of transportation to get off the planet. Just then, Fuller saw the people Arkin mentioned before, who seemed to be dressed in too many layers for the weather.

Fuller took after the pair, instantly stunning one of them, a Nerian female. The other launched into the middle of crowd, preventing further phaser fire. This did not deter the tactical officer, neither did almost being shot with a projectile weapon that the suspect had produced. He was eventually successful in stunning the stranger - but found the bomb on him set to go off in one minute! The rest of the crew was gathering at the court house, with Arnet turning his attention to the injured Prax while Micheal and Melina were able to make it safely inside. Helping matters a bit, a security team from the Bellerophon arrived also, and Warp enlisted their aide in finding and retrieving Arkin.

Fuller tried to disarm the bomb, which slowly counted down to 30, then 20 seconds, but eventually had to try having the 'Tem beam it away. Unfortunately the 'Tem's sensors could not detect any explosives in the area. As soon as the bomb counted down to zero it was obvious why - the bomb was a dud. Feeling a distraction, Warp asked for the 'Tem to scan for all Wotal lifesigns. The ship reported back that there were seven in total - three on a small ship, four on the ground (three of which were stunned). The captain ordered the ship to beam all the Wotal to the brig, but was cut off by the roar of an engine. A Wotal shuttle suddenly filled the skies outside the court house! It trained its weapons on the building, but was distracted by another ship suddenly coming into view with its own weapons firing. Those who had been on board longer suddenly recognized it as the Pride of Neria, the original freighter that the crew had found years before hand.

The two vessels engaged in a brief firefight, but eventually the Wotal's shields dropped and the Potemkin was able to beam the crew away. With the enemy temporary neutralized, Warp ordered Micheal, Melina, and Arnet to go through the crowd and searched for Nerian's injured in the crowd. He and Prax decided it was time to search for Arkin. The crew was surprised however, when two figures beamed down from the Pride of Neria - who turned out to be none other than Danielle Beorning and Serisa from the Starcore!

Prax quickly found his fiancee, but was ambushed by Rin who stunned them both. Finally the vengeful Wotal had the chance to confront his personal nemesis - Warp. The two exchanged heated words, with Rin vowing that he would rain down destruction on the Federation and that Starfleet, specifically Warp, should not meddle in his affairs again. He managed to get away in a transport beam, much to the disappointment of the crew. Admiral Atherton was finally able to locate Warp and tell him of the news - deliberations were done and Neria was to join the Federation. The Bellerophon and the de Ruyter were to remain in orbit to protect the new inductee, but the 'Tem and the Trafalgar were now to resume their original missions.

Everything seemed to be cleaning up; Arnet beamed up to sickbay with Arkin and Danielle Beorning (who was following the good Doctor), Bom got out of a potentially bad situation with his former beau, Serisa, and Atherton explained to Warp that Admiral Sorin had asked that the 'Tem be assigned somewhere else beside the Wotal system. However, before a truly happy ending could happen, Rin sent one last communique to all Starfleet vessels; the Wotal were now the sworn enemy of the Federation and any Starfleet ship entering into Wotal space would be destroyed immediately - no questions asked!

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