A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


The sim opens with an away team of Bom, Micheal, Melina, Arkin, Jordan, and Arnet in a runabout. They had departed the Potemkin to descend to Limonta Prime, an unexplored mostly aquatic world, on a mission of exploration. After a few moments of relaxation and a gentle gradual descent, proximity alarms started blaring through out the runabout. An unknown vessel suddenly dropped out of warp and fired on the runabout before it could raise its shields. The small craft went tumbling and the mysterious ship turned on the 'Tem.

The Potemkin tried its best to move between the attacker and the runabout, but the smaller vessel was still hit again, causing fires to spring up. A general hail came through, claiming to be from "Regulator Stern" from the "Flaxian Guard." He claimed the planet had been claimed in the name of Flaxia. In the ensuing battle the 'Tem didn't fair well against the Flaxians, receiving critical damage. Even worse, the runabout's warp reactor started going critical. With no choice, Bom ordered everyone into the SWEG's, or EVA suits.

A hail came in from the 'Tem saying that it was going to try and lead the Flaxians away. With only seconds left to spare, Bom shepherded the crew to the back door and opened it - blowing everyone out into space. The exploding runabout threw the team even further, and only by releasing some of the air in their air scrubbers were they successful in stabilizing themselves. The away team tethered themselves together, but were only greeted by the sight of the 'Tem warping away - leaving them stranded in the middle of space over an unexplored planet.

The crew dealt with this in various means, from the command oriented Bom, to the light toned Arnet, and then to the panicking Micheal. Arnet tried to do his best to help Micheal, but he was meeting with very little success. He had Melina come over to help him try and reach him, but she also could not reach him in his scared state. Of course things were getting worse, as Arkin determined that the blast from the exploding runabout had thrown them into a decaying orbit.

With Arnet trying to convince Micheal to think of this as a test at the Academy, the rest turned their attention back to the problem at hand. At a suggestion of Melina, Bom asked Arkin to estimate the least steep angle of decent. The idea - modify the EVA suits into Orbital Skydiving Gear. By manipulating the power cells and the kelvium coils inside their tethers, Melina and Bom thought they could generate individual subspace fields around the away team as they made planet fall. Micheal snapped out of his fear long enough to suggest the team lock their magnetic boots together since they had sacrificed the tethers.

With everything in place and the group hooked together, Bom and Arnet released a bit more air from their scrubbers to give the away team a final push to make planetfall near an island (per Arkin's calculations). At the critical moment the group activated their subspace fields, helping to alleviate the majority of problems that go along with reentry. After making it into the atmosphere proper, the group turned off the subspace fields to save the power for just before hitting the ground. Now they had the long free fall to the planet's surface.

Just before impact the team used the subspace field generators one last time, but the impact with the rough green sea was still hard enough to cause the crew to pass out. Melina was able to recover in time, shed her suit, and drag the rest to safety. She was aided by a group of native tribesmen, which Bom noted should make the Flaxian claim to the plant illegitimate. And as the crew stood on the alien beach, aching all over but grateful to be alive, a Starfleet runabout appeared on the horizon ready to take them home.

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