A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

An Unforeseen Future

After escaping the space faring entity, the Potemkin still continued exploring around Galordon Core. Eventually they set course for the core itself, with an ETA of one hour. All was calm, until a ship suddenly appeared on sensors on an intercept course. It dropped out of warp with shields raised and weapons armed, but it started by hailing the 'Tem. At the same time, down in engineering, Bom noticed that Micheal seemed more reserved than normal and was simply acting odd.

The ship was commanded by a large and intimidating man who introduced himself as Captain Deeth of the Minerva. Deeth apologized for his armed status and explained that he was patrolling the area for a renegade ship that had been attacking travelers nearby. He instantly dropped his shields as a sign of good faith. Warp expressed surprise, as he hadn't heard of any attacks, but Deeth informed him it was because very few ships had survived the attacked. He asked to beam a few men aboard to share the information he had collected with the 'Tem security and tactical crews.

Arnet and Hara were asked to meet the guests in the transporter room and take them to a waiting room on deck 8. When the two arrived to greet a small delegation, they were surprised by a boarding party of six heavily armored men. Arnet cried out for security, but was quickly taken out by the end of the phaser rifle. Hara managed to take out one of the intruders, but was overwhelmed by the rest. The Minerva raised shields and armed weapons, prompting the 'Tem to jump to Red Alert. The five remaining commandos seemed to know the ship better than some of the crew, and someone were able to take out the intruder alert and disappear completely off sensors. They tackled the forcefields Warp erected without any problem and made their way through the ship. Their vessel opened fired with extremely powerful weapons that pounded the 'Tem's shields.

Sensors were finally able to locate the intruders outside of engineering, but the bridge was occupied with avoiding the blows from the Minerva. However, at one point the 'Tem zigged when it should have zagged and was badly damaged by a well placed quantum torpedo. The commandos, meanwhile, breached engineering firing lethal phaser beams into the department. After killing all of those who got in their way, the finally found their target - Micheal. One of them tapped their version of a communicator and the Minerva began to hammer the 'Tem's shields until the dropped. Just as main power failed the commandos beamed away with their target, although Hara managed to take one out with a well place mek'leth. When power came back up, all that remained of Micheal was a scorched uniform. The Minerva instantly jumped to warp, leaving a battered and crippled 'Tem behind.

Two hours later, the time necessary to get the engines online, the crew was ready to chase after the Minerva, which had oddly stopped only twenty minutes out at top warp. The crew set up after their adversary, while questioning the reason of the attack. Bom spoke of Micheal's mood and odd ramblings prior to the attack, and Melina added to it by saying Micheal told her he felt that he was going to die soon. Just as the 'Tem was about to come up on the Minerva Warp was informed that he had a message waiting for him in his ready room.

Scans began to note the lack of biosigns on the Minvera itself. Warp went into his ready room and brought out a small communications device. With it he began negotiating once again with Peters, the Section 31 agent he had met while the 'Tem was over Acoria. Peters admitted to spearheading the attack and that they needed Micheal. He was a little vague about if the engineer was alive or dead, but noted that they need him for "an experiment." Warp remained cool toward any gesture from Section 31, and Peters signed off with what he called a "gift." Suddenly readings from the Minerva showed a warp core breach was imminent. Melina, through the grief at the possible lost of Micheal, managed to take the Potemkin to warp just in time to clear the shock wave of the blast.

In the aftermath, only one thing was clear - John Micheal was lost somewhere out among the stars.

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