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Alegria de Pio, Part II

Following Rin's return to the Wotal Prime, a Potemkin away team beamed down to support the Wotal Defense Forces but were under orders not to fire unless fired upon. As the sim opened, the crew was following the defense forces and helping flush out Rin's followers from the farms and hills of the eastern provinces. The troops were led by Captain Gis, and they started out by trying to smoke out some of Rin's forces from a local farmhouse. After setting a good deal of the foliage around the farm on fire, they waited for the forces to come out. Instead they had an angry farmer demand to know what they were doing. Gis wouldn't back down and ordered the field burnt.

Suddenly a phaser burst was seen a kilometer away. Gis began contacting with his men, and, believing that Rin's men were in that field, ordered a n air strike. Wotal bombers descended through the air and began carpeting the indicated area. After two separate bombings, Gis asked Prax if he could confirm that there were no more lifesigns in the target area. Before it could be confirmed, however, a phaser beam lanced out from a nearby hill and disintegrated one of Gis's men!

Phaser beams began to rain down at the away team and the defense forces. The team moved to get some cover, while trying to return fire. During the skirmish Gis was hit squarely in the chest and killed instantly. A parked defense vessel was also destroyed by enemy fire raining down from the hills. Gis's remaining men ordered strikes in the nearby hills. After some more bombings, the enemy phaser fire became silent. A call went out on the radio - Rin and his insurgents were all dead, but the hunt was on for any surviving rebels.

With Gist dead, Lieutenant Ari of the Defense Force took command and asked for Prax and the rest of the away team to help him search the nearby bombed fields for the bodies of Rin and his followers. The fields were just crater fields now full of burnt grolja plants. The only problem was there were no bodies. While Ari continued to comb the fields, Prax and Arnet asked if there was actually any confirmation of Rin's death. Here the Lieutenant revealed that it was really propaganda; they had reason to suspect that he was dead, but if they said he was, perhaps people were settle down and return to their normal lives.

They continued searching, and their investigation led them into another field - this one containing several dead bodies. There wasn't much time for investigation, as phaser beams once again lashed out at the away team. The strikes vaporized the dead bodies, but were canceled by another air strike against their supposed source. With these latest turns, the crew began to wonder if Rin's demise wasn't a rumor passed along by his lieutenants to lure the government into a false sense of security.

Suddenly, a static laden call came through Ari's communicator. It stated that satellite service had been disrupted. Prax tried to contact the Potemkin for more detailed scans of the area, but he found that his own communications with the ship had been disrupted as well. Arkin and Bom were put on the problem; they were unable to get over whatever was blocking them, but they did pinpoint the source - about three kilometers to the northwest. Ari decided that another strike at the source of the interference was need. After getting the coordinates from Bom, he took off toward a defense vessel.

Snipers began to shoot from the position of the jamming signal, almost taking out Ari. He managed to make it to a vessel, raise shields, and lift off to carry out the strike. The red sphere of a Wotal bomb feel on top of the position of a jamming signal, freeing up communications. The away team ordered emergency beam out and they soon all found themselves back on the Potemkin. They were relieved to be back aboard, but Warp announced that all was not well on Wotal below...

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