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Alegria de Pio, Part I

Two weeks after the holodeck malfunction and the installation of the 'Tem's newest bridge module (bets are currently being taken as to how long this one will last), the Potemkin was sent to Wotal in response to an urgent communication sent to the Federation Council. The message? Rin had returned. Ten days earlier Rin's forces had arrived at Wotal Prime and had been beaten back by the planetary defense forces. Most of his ship's had been destroyed in the process, but he had managed to escape. Five days later, there was an uprising of Rin's supporters on the planet. The 'Tem's mission was to monitor the situation and help out wherever possible.

The sim opened with the Potemkin four minutes out from Wotal Prime, cruising at yellow alert. The 'Tem hailed the planet and was contacted by Ambassador Ser. She stated that Wotal Intelligence was working around the clock to locate Rin, but were having no luck so far. His supporters had not acted up too much lately, but it was a pregnant silence. Warp offered the crew's support, which she graciously accepted.

At the same time, Arkin and Ti'brus were able to pinpoint a low power signature coming from a satellite. It was located in the orbit of a nearby asteroid belt. It couldn't be determined exactly what was being broad casted or where; but its range didn't seem to reach any nearby planets. Warp decided to dispatch a shuttle to investigate with Bom, Melina, and Ti'brus on board. Arkin and Fuller were to examine it through the ship's sensors. Meanwhile, Warp asked Counselor Jordan for her profile on Rin's followers - what they think of him, and what they could expect.

Arkin and Fuller reported that the relay satellite shell was made of duranium, and was transmitting low power radio or television signals. At the same time, another hail came in from Ser. She officially asked for help from the Federation, asking through a loop hole in the Prime Directive. After consulting with Prax, Warp agreed to assist. Ser was informed about the satellite and responded that there were no official satellites operating in that asteroid belt. At the same time, a metallic object was briefly detected near the planet's surface before disappearing again.

Shuttle side, Bom was doing his best to ingratiate himself with the Ti'brus. They piloted the shuttle toward the relay satellite while discussing the Vulcan's interests and reasons for joining the service. Access to the satellite's main systems were restricted by "Ree tou." Confused, the contacted the 'Tem to see if they knew who are what "ree tou" was. Nobody knew and they were told to keep working. Suddenly, a flash emanated from the satellite and its power failed in a shower of sparks. The away team decided to bring the satellite on board and return to the Potemkin.

Back on the 'Tem, Counselor Jordan decided to help Doctor Arnet (who had been strangely absent until now) prepare sickbay for what could be a tense situation. Meanwhile, more energy signatures (determined to be transporter signals) were being picked up across Wotal Prime. Eventually the metallic object and transporter signatures were from a battered Wotal Defense vessel. It charged weapons while approaching the 'Tem. Its fire did little damage to the Federation vessel, but a energy build up was detected in its warp core.

Warp had the shields dropped to transport the Wotal aboard before the ship blew up. They were transported to Cargo Bay 13 and security and medical teams were dispatched to deal with their presence. The unmanned ship's energy signature suddenly dissipated and it plunged into the atmosphere where it promptly burned up. Ser contacted the Potemkin and reported landings all over the eastern continent. Suddenly Warp realized too late that the ship was a distraction - Rin was on the surface of Wotal the whole time and about to march on the capital. Ser officially requested backup and armed assistance.

The Captain immediately called for volunteers to assemble in the transporter room. Prax, Arnet, Hara, Melina, Fuller, and Ti'brus gathered to join the force on the planet. They beamed down and waited with the Wotal security forces for the battle to begin...

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