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A Breather

After the events of "Detente" formal relations were opened between the Federation and the Wotal. As the Potemkin had been responsible for initial friendly contact with the former enemy, it had been kept int he sector to shuttle diplomats back and forth and to keep an eye out for Rin. The renegade Wotal captain had apparently kept control of his ship and was still unaccounted for. As the sim opens a reception was being held in the October Lounge to celebrate the new peace; even Admiral Sorin had turned out for the event.

The lounge was packed with a typical party atmosphere. The crew was busy mingling amongst themselves and the guests when Captain Mitchell entered with Captain Ser. They were greeted by the admiral who then call everyone to attention. He then made the announcement that Ser had been appointed ambassador to the Federation and (until a representative could arrive) Warp had been appointed temporary ambassador to the Wotal.

However, as all things 'Tem go, the party was short lived. An unidentified vessel had been picked up heading in at high warp. The crew jumped to stations and it didn't take long to identify it as Rin's ship. Immediately Ser contacted Wotal Security to dispatch ships to bring in the vengeful captain. That was all well and good, but the security forces were fifteen minutes away, while Rin would be upon the 'Tem in thirty seconds.

His ship stopped right off the bow of the 'Tem, but delayed in hailing or answering hails. He finally shot a warning shot off the bow, and then opened a channel to demand that Warp withdraw from Wotal territory in three minutes. The entreaties of Ser and Captain Mitchell fell on deaf ears, and he counted down until he could blow the 'Tem out of the stars. Eventually Rin cut the channel and began firing phasers and torpedoes.

The Potemkin returned fired and then backed off in order to give the security forces time to apprehend the rogue captain. Two ships arrived and, after receiving instructions from Ser, turned to pen Rin in. A minor exchanged happened between the Wotal ships with the security forces causing minor damage. Then, unexpectedly, their weapons fell silent. A tense moment passed between all parties...right up to the point when the security forces turned on the Potemkin and fired off a volley!

The ship was hit hard, and before anyone really knew what had happened (or got the sensors working again) the three ships fired one last shot and Rin took off with his newly acquired allies. This left everyone stunned, especially a horrified Ser.

Sorin then called everyone down to the lounge again and made a surprising announcement - in light of the recent situation Warp needed more authority to carry out ambassadorial duties in this sector: So he was being promoted immediately to the rank of Fleet Captain. Needless to say, the sim was anything but "A Breather."

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