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Without Borders, Part II

The sim started up with the away team in dire straights. The sociopathic AI that had trapped Arnet demanded that Arkin find a way to save him. When the rest of the crew tried stalling, it further trapped Jordan and Andronicus in a forcefield together and then transported all the men (sans Bowman and Arnet) away. Arkin tried her best to upload a virus into the AI or confuse it by asking it to calculate pi. The ruse was only partially successful - the forcefield around Arnet dropped, but the AI was read for something else. At the same time, the men found themselves in the ship's galley - and were soon confronted by spoon wielding Tzenkethi warriors.

The battle soon began in the galley as the away team soon found out that the AI had made their phasers inoperable. The Tzenkethi launched forward, but the away team used their weapons as clubs and even resorted to using spoons. Bom attempted to reprogram the kitchen's replicator, but only succeeded in having it spew forth more types of cutlery. Ryan and Hara made quite an offensive and managed to take out a few of the warriors. Then an attempted magnetic attack backfired and various pieces of silverware went flying. At the same time the AI was still facing off against the female crewman. Arkin was doing its best to confuse it, but it wasn't enough. Finally it sent her flying toward the airlock, only saving her at the last moment.

Out of nowhere the universal translator began to click in, and one of the Tzenkethi shouted for a cease fire. Prax did likewise and tried his hand at diplomacy. The two groups begin to finally talk and Prax revealed that the ship was trying to kill them all. Sur'a'bin, the surviving warrior decided that a temporary truce was the prudent course of action. At the same time, Andronicus and Jordan worked their way toward the galley to find the other part of the away team. Arkin decided to stay with the unconscious Arnet. She engaged the AI in conversation who revealed that it felt threatened by the two crews and, since they were now potentially joining forces, it would have its revenge.

The computer, calling itself Ortsenis, stated that it wanted revenge on the Tzenkethi for their treatment of it and others of "its kind." While Arkin tried to reason with it, however, Ortsenis was actually stalling her in order to tie Arkin up in cables. This include one shooting through Arkin's hand so Ortsenis could prober her biology. Meanwhile the rest of the away team met up and began to search out the rest of the Tzenkethi still aboard. The idea was to evacuate everyone - an idea that was granted validity by the fact that Lieutenant Bowman revealed that (while lost and alone) he had wired the ship to explode!

Sur'a'bin led the crew to the shuttlebay and found a small Tzenkethi shuttle. Bom rescued Arkin from Ortsenis and helped get her and the unconscious Arnet back to the shuttle. On the way Arkin revealed that it seemed the ship's intention had been to impregnate her somehow. Not stopping to consider how this was to be achieved, the group loaded into the shuttle and took off as the explosions took out the main vessel. There the crew finally learned that "Ortsenis" was an experimental navigational program gone horribly wrong, although the Tzenkethi crew could not elaborate any further.

The crew arrived, relatively unscathed, at the 'Tem's shuttlebay and Warp instantly drafted Prax and Sur'a'bin into helping talked down an incoming Tzenkethi Border Patrol vessel. It was time for the peace talks to begin in earnest...

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