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Without Borders, Part I

The Potem....um...Navarre was dispatched to his very first assignment after the shakedown to the Galorndon Core. The orders: to approach the border of the reclusive Tzenkethi border and open into talks for an alliance to stop the imminent Romulan attack on sector 001. As the sim opened, the Navarre was approaching the Tzenkethi border and the crew was at a high state of alert. Everyone was anxious about talks with the race the Federation had gone to war with thirty years before hand.

A hail was received, stating that the Navarre was to head to a set of coordinates provided. Any attempts to divert course or further communications would be seen as an act of hostility, and the ship would be fired upon. Still weary, the crew continued onward. At the same time, Lt. Andronicus approached Doctor Arnet. In sickbay she stated that she still felt pain and dizziness, possibly from a prior concussion. However, the Doctor discovered, partially by analysis and partially by confession, that she had actually been sparring against various security officers and had gotten into several serious scraps. Arnet treated the injuries (made something of a joke) then released her back up to the bridge.

Meanwhile, upstairs, a second signal had come in as the Navarre began to move deeper into Tzenkethi space. It was a garbled distress signal coming from a nearby system.Warp ordered that the ship be made to look as if it were having engine trouble in order to stay nearby and investigate. Unexpectedly, a second signal was then received rescinding the previous distress call! Something seemed very off about the whole matter, and Prax was ordered to take a team and investigate.

Finally locating a derelict Tzenkethi ship crashed on a hostile alien world, the away team beamed down to investigate. They arrived in a deserted corridor...and greeted by a digital voice. It did not take long for the crew to realize that the computer was obviously not functionally properly...in a suicidal way. First it tried to open the airlock a kill the crew, then it trapped Lt. Poole in a forcefield and crushed him to death. All evidence supported the theory that it had also killed most of the crew on board.

Then it made a horrifying announcement. The next target was the one called "Doctor." And a forcefield went up over Arnet...

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