A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

The Rule of Requisition

The Potemkin, after its crew found itself back in its own dimension, was ordered back to Starbase 22 by a very sour sounding Admiral Sorin. On the way back, the crew settled into their normal routine, while others began to sort out all the consequences of the Alt. Universe "mishap."

However, a small detour soon appeared. A Ferengi vessel approached and hailed the ship. A DaiMon Kab greeted the crew with a most unexpected thing...a sales pitch! Kab claimed to have various supplies for any ship going to war, Federation tri-cobal devices. Immediately smelling blood in the water, Warp agreed to a meeting with Kab, asking Arnet, Jordan, Andronicus, and Fuller to join in on the gathering. However, he gave Arkin, Ryan, and Hara the task of locating where exactly the contraband was on the Ferengi vessel. Reichiel and Xan were ordered to work with Bom and Tora on a way to beam the illicit good through shields.

Arkin, Ryan, and Hara discovered a dampening field in the Ferengi hold, matching a Federation signature. Those in engineering discussed various means of taking the goods off the ship, but none of them seemed particularly effective. Finally the two groups put their heads together and figured something out. The dampening field was weakening the Ferengi's shields; a high focused beam might be able to pick out the goods without having to fire a shot. Meanwhile, the Ferengi wanted to get right into negotiations, but Warp played an ace in the hole - introducing Prax a "Federation Weapons Appropriation Official." This unnerved Kab, but he continued spouting the virtues of his wares.

The engineering team isolated the shield frequency needed to break through the shields while the science team located the exact coordinates of the Federation good. In the negotiations, the Captain was able to pressure the DaiMon into saying that the goods were used, and then Prax revealed that during war time all Ferengi salvage treaties were suspended. Kab was caught completely by surprised when Warp announced they were taking the goods back. He contacted Arkin to affirm everything was in place and then told the Ferengi to return to their vessel.

However, they were not to be denied so easily. When Warp threatened to fire on their ship, one of them pulled out a powerful Ferengi power whip and hit Fuller full in the chest. Hara took the offender down instantly, and the three had to watch as their ill gotten goods were transported onto the 'Tem. Afterward, they were transferred back to their ship and they sped away immediately. The Potemkin, with it's recovered cargo, went along its own way.

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