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The Eleventh Hour, Part II

After the events of "The Eleventh Hour, Part I" the crew quickly sent over recent DNA samples while Warp and Prax transmitted their old command codes. The "ghost" Potemkin seemingly accepted these codes, as it dropped it shields and transmitted a brief message saying that the crew (and only those from the 'Tem) could beam over.

Upon doing so, they found the bridge completely destroyed. Almost all the consoles were dead, many were destroyed. There was only emergency lighting, smoke clung heavy in the air, and chairs had been ripped out of the deck plates. But most disturbing of all were bodies that were strewn all about the bridge.

A mystery sudden presented itself when the first body inspected turned out to be that of Captain Mitchell himself. Other bodies were inspected (all dead) and some were familiar crew members, such as MacCoroy. Lt. Phillips even found the body of Doctor Arnet, who had apparently died from a head injury.

During this time Micheal and Tora noticed that there was still power to two bridge sections: engineering and communications. From this, they were able to tell that the warp engines were off line and the fusion generators were nearly depleted. However, the slim trickle of power seemed to be going to communications...

Watching up the comm system, the crew began hearing what sounded like a conversation between two persons. The two voices seemed to be arguing about their fates and (what sounded like) inevitable destruction. However, a power surge to the console caused a slight overload and the conversation died out.

Michael and Tora set to work on repairing the console, while the rest debated what they had heard, especially how familiar one of the voices sounded. Eventually the station was repaired, but what they heard next was not the same as before. A simple recorded message, heavily distorted, seemed to say that since the crew's 'Tem had been destroyed, another had been sent across dimensional borders and that an active channel to the past had been provided. Arkin revealed that her science officer has informed her that the Potemkin they were on seemed exist in another dimension and was warping space/time around it, so the message did make sense.

Unexpectedly the conversation from earlier came back on. However, by now they came to suspect that it wasn't a recording but an actual channel. The conversation seemed to be between Arnet and Warp, 25 years in the past. The crew instantly jumped on the chance to talk to them, despite protests about the Temporal Prime Directive from Lt. Phillips.

Seizing this opportunity, Prax began to describe what was going to happen at the fateful battle of Romulus and how to avoid it. Others joined in to convince Warp and Arnet to avoid the tragedy. However, it came as a surprise when Captain Mitchell announced that he had no intention of following their advice.

Cut back 25 years, right before the Battle of Romulus. Arnet and Warp walked out onto the bridge, deeply discussing something. They did not share what they had heard with the crew and made up a cover story when asked about their disagreement. Then Warp gave the fateful order to head toward Romulus and the ship's destiny...

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