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The Eleventh Hour, Part I

Twenty-five years after the destruction of the Potemkin at the Battle of Romulus, the concluding battle of the war, the crew had been summoned from their different paths to Starfleet Headquarters on Earth. They took a bit of time to catch up and reflect on where there lives have gone since that fateful day, while waiting to learn of the reason for their summons.

Two officers entered the conference room where they had been gathered. One, human male, stated that he was Lieutenant Phillips, the son of the former 'Tem nurse. The other was a Bolian with locks of red hair - Ensign Bom, offspring of LtCmdr. Bom and Counselor Jordan. Lt. Phillips tried to ease everyone into why exactly they had been summoned, but the crew impatiently demanded an explanation.

The two revealed that something odd had been picked up on sensors coming from the outskirts of Federation space. It appeared to be an old Akira-class ship...and it was transmitting two signals. One was a locater beacon that declared the vessel to be none other than USS Potemkin NCC-76927-C. This announcement cause quite an uproar, with some not believing their ears and others not believing the speakers.

Calming down the rabble, Phillips and Bom explained that the ship was traveling faster than should be possible and had it shields raised and weapons arms. It was broadcasting a signal asking for command codes and DNA files: those of the crew present. They had all be summoned to go and "meet" their old ship.

This suggestion was met with harsh skepticism, and Phillips was forced to revert to Plan B and reveal orders that all were to come. There was fierce debate from the part of the crew that had become more jaded in the passing years, but finally everyone agreed to board Prax's and Arkin's ship, the USS Nelson, and travel toward their old home.

Several days later, the Nelson reached the projected path of the 'Tem. Dropping out of warp, they waited with bated breath for what came next. A ship was detected on long range sensors, heading on an intercept course. It was reported that some sort of distortion was not making it possible to get to many details. Once it came into visual range, it was confirmed that it was the Potemkin.

Suddenly, the ghost ship let out a hail and transmitted a signal asking for specific command codes and DNA samples....the crews.

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