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The Canaday, Part 2

The sim started where the last left off, with Romulan prisoners holed up in the Canaday's armory, demanding safe passage to Romulus and the withdrawal of Federation forces from this sector. Roacher had transfered back to his ship to deal with the situation, and Fuller, Hara, Tora, and Andronicus were drafted along to help take the Armory. Arkin and Jordan were sent along to act as negotiators with Romulans. Bom was to keep working with LtCmdr Colby to restore ship systems, and were joined by Prax.

While Arkin and Jordan were preparing to beam over, Warp, Ryan, and Riechiel were trying to figure out how to move the behemoth Canaday while still avoiding the micro-singularities. Ryan suggested using what little sensor data they and the other ship possessed to create a sonar of sorts. Meanwhile, the strike team began to discuss using a stun grenade to incapacitate the Romulans, but the concept of a "dead man's switch" was the hanging point of that plan. Meanwhile, Prax and Bom tried to get the Canaday up and running again.

Ryan's idea for the sonar-like grid worked, and with a nudge from the 'Tem's tractor beam, the Sovereign-class vessel began to move. Slowly Ryan fed Riechiel coordinates to avoid any singularities they could detect. In engineering, Prax, Bom, and Colby began to detect a slight power drain that they couldn't explain and began to search the source. Arkin and Jordan met up with Lieutenant Ansley Lang, and began trying to talk to the Romulans. However, they only seemed concerned with talking to Roacher and/or blowing the ship up.

The strike team beamed over to Canaday and broke up into two groups, each to storm the armory from a different side. Negotiations were getting nowhere, as the Romulans did not back down and continued to threaten to blow up the ship. Bom, Prax, and Colby followed the power drain from one conduit to another...ultimately leading them to a a junction right below the bridge module. The bomb was literally under the bridge and far away from the Romulans. Meanwhile, piloting the 'Tem became harder; micro-singularities lit up the sensors and the two ships were forced to a stop - not before the 'Tem nearly collided with a singularity.

The Romulans were through talking and did not respond to any further negotiation attempts. Arkin and Jordan could only sit and wait for something back to happen. Bom was dispatched to take care of the bomb under the bridge. Colby was able to regulate power to it, and in conjunction they were able to disarm and cut power to it. At the same time, the strike team were in position and waited for the word... On the 'Tem, Riechiel continued to guide the two ships out, but crops of singularities kept appearing - requiring many course corrections.

Getting the go from Warp, the strike team blew two tactical explosions to permit entrance into the armory. Tora hit one with his phaser, but the Romulan didn't go down and pinned Tora to the wall and tried to strangle him. The rest of the team came to his rescue, incapacitating the Romulan. However, the second one through a photon grenade out, which threw the team to the ground. The manage to take the other Romulan down, but Fuller had been wounded severely and had to be transported back to sickbay on the 'Tem. Finally, the team confirmed with Lt. Land that the situation had been taken care of.

Finally, the 'Tem and the Canaday cleared the micro-singularity field and both crews could brief deeply. The teams slowly began transporting home to concentrate on their normal activities. Roacher contacted Warp and extended his thanks, but also an invitation for a memorial service to be held at 1900 hours. Warp acknowledged, then passed along his thanks to the rest of the crew. Forever changed as it was, life had to go on.

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