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The Canaday, Part 1

Two weeks after the disastrous encounter with Zeus, the Potemkin slowly made its way back toward the front line. However, before the sim opened, a distress signal was received - from none other than the regular universes version of the USS Canaday. The ship had apparently run into a patch of micro-singularities that had caused a fair amount of damage. Urgent assistance was needed.

The 'Tem flew at full warp to help the stricken ship. The crew reflected on previous adventures with the other version of the Canaday, and also coping with what Zeus had done to them and the ship. Warp ordered Bom to assemble an engineering team to be ready to beam over and help in the repair efforts. The Chief Engineer solicited Tora from fixing the turbolift system and Xan to help and they three met in transporter room 1. At the same time, the Canaday hailed, and the crew met the firm but fair version of their Captain Roacher. He requested engineering help, but also that a meeting take place aboard the 'Tem to include himself, Warp, Prax, and Doctor Arnet.

The engineering team met with Lieutenant Commander Jacob Colby, the disheveled but upbeat Chief Engineer of the Canaday. He led them to engineering where they were divided up into individual tasks. Tora went to check the structural integrity generators, Xan the computer core, and Bom to check on the warp drive. Meanwhile, back on the 'Tem, Warp and Arnet retired to the former's ready room while Prax went to transporter room 1 to meet the infamous Captain Roacher. Arkin was given the bridge, and soon afterward sensors picked up an usual radiation signal that quickly faded, only to appear a short time later.

The anomaly gave off no visible light, but was detectable through radiation emissions. It's pulsing came at a regular intervals of 20 seconds, but began increasing until holding steady at 1.1 seconds between bursts. Arkin gave the order to raise shields, which came with a little resistance from Marquez, who wanted to inform Warp of the "threat." The computer responded that the phenomenon closely matches that of pulsar -especially with its short intervals. However, it did appear to be a natural phenomenon. At the same time, Tora was able to keep the structural integrity fields working, but the warp drive was in need of some actual physical tweaking.

Captain Roacher met with the three senior officers in the ready room and instantly got down to business. Warp and Prax were asked a variety of questions about their previous engineering experience. Each gave advice about what situations to handle first, and how to make do with a partially functional ship. Also during this time Jordan went to see the still resting Hara, but found him coughing violently and very much in pain. The two were beamed to sickbay.

It was confirmed that a 300 year old pulsar existed in the region but was thought to be extinct. Before the mystery could be explored further, a hail came in from the Canaday. Their XO, an Andorian named Tares, appeared and said that a situation had arisen...

Hara was taken to sickbay and put under the care of the doctors there; Jordan returned to the bridge. In the ready room, Roacher revealed while he had invited Arnet to the meeting - he announced the death of Lieutenant Andrea O'Donnell. She had been in engineering when the first singularities hit and had been sucked out into space before shield could come on. Arnet took the news rather hard and asked to be excused right away. Prax slightly rebuked Roacher for breaking the news so callously to the notoriously unstable Arnet, but the meeting was broken up when Arkin summoned Roacher, Warp, and Prax out to speak with Commander Tares. Meanwhile, Colby reported O'Donnell's death to Bom and the rest of the crew, but there was no time to mourn.

Commander Tares reported to Roacher that the Romulan prisoners the ship had taken had escaped and were holed up in the armory. They demanded a runabout...and claimed that they had bomb!

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