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The Arrival, Part II

The crew was divided into two groups - the bridge and engineering. Unfortunately, both groups were taken hostage by the Romulans. The group on the bridge was ordered to the back and away from any key console. Arkin tried to set up a security lockout on the computer, but was stopped and struck by a Romulan officer for her trouble. Prax instantly leaped to her protection, which, in turn, may the rest of the Romulan converge on the crew. Arkin started a fight with a female Romulan that resulted in multiple stab wounds, but Warp seized the moment to duck out of sight into a Jeffrie's tube. Meanwhile, below in engineering, Bom, Jordan, and Arnet were all taken hostage and forced to move despite being injured severely. Arnet was shown a group of injured Romulans and told to begin to heal them.

The ship suddenly shuddered as the Tzenkethi vessel attempted to shoot the Romulan warbird away from the Navarre. The fighting on the bridge escalated, as everyone tried taking down their captors. Arkin managed to take one's weapon but quickly had her wrist broken for the effort. Fuller, Ryan, and Andronicus managed to take out a few more Romulans, and finally Prax was left fighting the lone alive Romulan on the bridge. Down in engineering Arnet was pressed into healing Romulan soldiers while Jordan was made to sit down. Suddenly, the bulkhead in engineering imploded, pulling all those people toward the vacuum of space. Equally unexpectedly, the whole was suddenly plugged and phaser fire lanced out and took out all the Romulans in the room.

It turned out to be Warp and Nguyen. Warp had escaped to the Captain's Gig to and found Nguyen there trying to contact other ships. Together they had started to rescue the crew. It was a difficult to accept, but the Navarre was lost. Warp told the three to come with him before Prax initiated "Phase II." On the bridge, Prax tried to set the self destruct, but the function was no longer available. Then, the Captain's Gig surgically cut open the bulkhead and moved into the space. Lieutenant Bowman rushed out and ushered everyone into the Gig. Arnet was overflowing with the injured as he tried to treat everyone by severity. At the mean time, Prax slipped down a Jeffries's tube and toward engineering...

The Gig pulled out into space, and the crew could see that the battle for Sol III had gone exceedingly well, even if the Navarre had a different story to tell. The Winston Churchill appeared and beamed the injured up to their sickbay. It was only then that the crew noted the absence of Commander Prax. He was, at that same time, entering Main Engineering on the doom ship and firing a disruptor at the warp core. He had a personal transporter beacon, but as the explosion went off, he wasn't sure if it had managed to save him or not...

Suddenly, there in the Churchill's sickbay, there was a flash of light and Q (the son of the more infamous Q) appeared and stated that Prax was not dead - yet. In ten hours time they would have a chance to save him. Until then, the crew was to rest and get ready for what was next. As he disappeared, a giant sand hourglass appeared that read "HOURS TILL PRAX JARVIN IS DEAD."

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