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The Arrival, Part I

Going on the intelligence gathered at the end of "Hunt For Red October," the Navarre has been assigned to the defense of Sector 001. Eight of twenty Starfleet task forces were assigned for similar assignments, and a good amount of Klingon warships were also present, but so far that was all that showed up.

The crew began the day warily, everyone prepping themselves for the certain battle ahead. Some crew members wonder about getting time to visit Mars while in the Sol System, others chat idly, and Bom even placed a call to his family. Suddenly though, sensors detected four inbound vessels. One appeared to be Federation, but no readings on the other three. The Federation ship was identified as the USS Winston Churchill, but the other three only appeared as bright yellow spheres broken up by black lines. Eventually the Churchill announced that these three ships represented the First Federation, coming to Starfleet's aid.

The leader of the First Federation group, Baleel of the ship Tigris, hailed to pledge his support. But it wasn't to stop there; Admiral Atherton hailed the group to announce that another unlikely ally had joined the fight - a group of Ferengi Marauders had joined the fight. But the surprises weren't to stop there. Atherton contacted t fleet again to announce that the USS Devonshire had arrived with yet another unexpected ally - several ships from the Gorn Hegemony.

While waiting for the inevitable, Arnet brought to Prax's attention that events seemed eerily like the future seen in "Here Comes Tomorrow." Prax noted this also, but stated that the crew was there this time, and that had to count for something. Suddenly, shrapnel stuck the Navarre's shields. More and more things bounced off the shields, and then dozens of D'deridex and Valdore class warbirds decloaked. However, it was not the Romulans, but the Cardassians bearing down from behind that took the heaviest toll on the fleet.

The Navarre's shields were severely weakened, with a hull breach in engineering, and a Romulan torpedo slamming into the hull right below the bridge. Fuller was given full permission to fire back and the battle was soon engaged. A Ferengi vessel was destroyed right in front of the Navarre, but was made up for by the ferocious Gorn and powerful First Federation counter-offensive. However, this didn't stop damage piling up around the ship. Bom called for a medical team in sickbay to help with an injured Lieutenant Dick Grayson. However, Jordan and Arnet, who were responding to the call, were nearly killed by a torpedo that slammed into the hallway they were racing down.

Warp ordered Ryan and Fuller to locate one of the nearest asteroids, carve a small chunk out of it, and tractor the rock along to use as a projectile. It was a good plan, but suddenly the point was moot as a Romulan vessel suddenly rammed into the starboard bow of Navarre! Hull breaches happened all across the ship, and the internal dampeners were shot. As the crew slowly started to get up from where they had flown, power was lost completely.

Metallic scraping was heard were the warbird had rammed the ship, but everyone was too busy trying to recover from the whole experience. Many had serious injuries and concussions. Suddenly, in engineering, lights were seen coming down the hall. Arnet tried to pull an injured Jordan and Bom out of the way of those lights - which turned out to be the lights from Romulan EVA suits! This group killed an injured Ensign Todd and continued down into the main engineering part of the ship. Similar groups also stormed the bridge and declared that they claimed the ship, and crew, in the name of the Romulan Empire!

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