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Suggestion, Part II

The sim started six hours after the events of "Suggestion, Part I." Due to some brilliant feats of engineering on the part of LtCmdr Bom and Captain Mitchell, the Potemkin was made operational enough to pursue the retreating Dartmouth. LtCmdr Arkin and Lieutenants Ryan and Andronicus were assigned to review the logs that Ryan had retrieved from the Dart' in an attempt to discover what had occurred.

Meanwhile Jordan and Michael were still trapped by the Dart's crew. Jordan and Ensign Robinson (the young medical officer of the survivors) had managed to stopped Arnet's bleeding, but if help was not reached soon he was going to die for sure. The crew still saw them as Romulans and were less than accommodating. Michael was even taken before LtCmdr Petterson (highest ranking survival from the Dartmouth) and beaten for information. However, he did observe something odd: several crewman staring blankly at a certain screen.

Arkin and Ryan had discovered a few interesting things in the logs. Sometime after leaving the front lines, the Dart' received a transmission stating that renewed fighting had begun. Yet the ship never turned around. Even more curious was that two days before the distress call was sent the logs recorded an unknown transmission being received. This transmission downloaded itself into the Dart's computer and at last note, the Chief Engineer was trying to get rid of it. Raising suspicions even more was one bit of a personal log: a crewman claiming to have seen a Romulan in their quarters a few nights after the mysterious transmission.

As the 'Tem crew began to suspect that there were no Romulans, the away team was dealing with crew that thought they were the Romulans. Ensign Robinson, the young medic of the Dart' crew, was slowly becoming convinced that something else was going on with their prisoners. Having tended to the wounded Doctor Arnet he had not been staring at the console like the rest. The "brainwashing" effect was beginning to wane on him. He agreed to help the two escape.

Meanwhile, Lt. Marquez had managed to track the Steamrunner-class (despite several abrupt and dangerous changes in course at warp speed). Commander Bom had the idea to use the prefix code and disable the ship when they found it. On board the Dartmouth, Ensign Robinson had procured a small cricket phaser Jordan, and was able to loosen the bands on Micheal as the latter was being taken away for more question. The 'Tem dropped out of warp a few moments later, and the Dart's crew began shouting about a "Romulan warbird decloaking."

See their chance, Robinson fired and passed a phaser to the now free Micheal. They grouped back toward Jordan's position. With the prefix code, the crew was able to lower the Dartmouth's shields. Chief Nguyen was able to locate their signal and beam them aboard, Robinson coming along also. The crew then flooded the Dart' with anesthezine gas, just to put anyone out of commission.

Arnet and Jordan were then transferred to sickbay so the doctor could receive much due medical attention.

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