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Suggestion, Part I

As the sim opened, the Potemkin was coming out of warp at the last known position of the Dartmouth, a Streamrunner-class vessel returning from service on the front lines. A vague distress call had been received several hours previously stating that the Dartmouth was under attack by Romulan forces and that they were in danger of being boarded. A team led by Doctor Arnet was assembled to beam over and help the survivors and repulse any invaders.

However, while sensors did detect the the Dartmouth, but failed to find any trace of Romulan vessels. Even more unusual, the outside hull appeared to be in pristine condition with no indications of a firefight. No life signs could be detect, and only sporadic power readings. Captain Mitchell was also confused why there were no recent warp or ion signatures of retreating ships. Things were not adding up.

With no indication of danger, however, the team was beamed aboard the Dartmouth's bridge. There they found definite signs of a struggle. A number of bodies were lying around everywhere and scorch marks were all over the walls and consoles. Half of the normal bridge crew was accounted for and they were all dead. Lt. Ryan was able to access the ship's logs, but everything from around the time of the signal had been damaged and was non-accessible. These were sent back to the 'Tem for further review. Lt. Michael was able to determine that most power and command functions had been rerouted through main engineering. There were intermitant life signs coming from there as well.

During this time Lt. Tora made a discovery. The blast marks were not from Romulan disruptors at all...they were all made from Federation weapons. Further investigation revealed that all the dead had been killed by Federation phasers as well. This seemed ominous to everyone as they had no idea why Romulans would be using Federation weapondry. Feeling uneasy, Warp ordered Chief Nguyen to keep a lock on the away team.

The team headed down to engineering, just a few decks down. They found the door stuck and the panel to open it disable. After pulling and straining, they were able to make a gap through which they could slip into engineering. The section looked less damage and there was power, which was promising. The away team now was able to detect at least ten individuals in that section. Unexpectedly, however, a barrage of phaser fire began to rain down on the away team from the various levels of engineering!

Tora and Michael were able to return fire, forcing a couple of their attackers to retreat, but it seemed to do little to no good. Phaser beams were firing all over, blowing up various consoles throughout the forward section of engineering. Reading weapons fire on the other ship, Warp ordered Nguyen to bring the away team back immediately. He was able to do reestablish a lock on the team after a few moments. Unfortunately, as he was beaming them out someone on the Dartmouth raised a forcefield...only Tora and Ryan reappeared on the Potemkin.

Before any action could be taken, the Steamrunner sprang to life, shields and weapons instantly coming on line. LtCmdr Bom had barely enough time to order the shields to be raised before the 'Tem was barraged by phasers and photon torpedoes. The aft shields grow weak and a good deal of damage is made to the nacelles. And then, in the blink of an eye, the Dartmouth jumps to warp, leaving a battered ship behind.

Meanwhile, Micheal and Jordan found themselves alone against their attackers. The phaser fire stopped, and foot steps could be heard coming toward them. Micheal fired at one of the figures, but had three phaser rifles directed at him in response. To everyone's great surprise, they found themselves surrounded by Starfleet officers.

The leader of the group, a yellow shirted lieutenant commander, ordered the two bound. Any attempts to talk were met with threats or blows. However, it soon became apparent that there was something wrong with the group. They kept talking about their two prisoners as if they were Romulans and jeered at any efforts to tell them otherwise.

A young ensign, in medical blue, discovered the prone body of Arnet laying in a puddle of blood. One of the consoles that had exploded in the fight had thrown some shrapnel that had embedded itself in the doctor's stomach. He was dying, and fast. Jordan got permission to be released to treat his wounds, but not for much else...

At the same time, Bom reported to the Captain solemnly that the attack had done considerable damage to the engines and nacelles, and that it would be awhile before they could even attempt going after the Dartmouth...

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