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Septem Contra Romulo

The Potemkin is now flying along with the Federation fleet along with their six allies in order to attack the Romulan lines. This was the final push to end the war. The day would either end with the Romulan-Cardassian conflict brought to a final close, or the beginning of the end for the Allied Fleet.

As usual for any ship poised to attack the enemy front lines, the crew was obviously nervous and waiting for the order. During this time Arnet requested to speak with Warp privately in the latter's ready room. There, the two began to debate over using the information they had received from the future. Warp stated that he would do nothing on the grounds of the Temporal Prime Directive. Knowing that the Captain wouldn't change his mind, Arnet acquiesced and only asked that his body would be taken back to Dover for burial. Out on the bridge Prax was obtaining progress reports from the various departments and eventually was speculating with Jordan about what was going on behind the closed ready room doors. There wasn't long to speculated. A green bolt shot out across the vastness of space - the battle had begun.

The battle was soon engaged. Fuller did his best to fend off attaching warbirds, but their barrages continued to harass the ship. The Klingons and Tholians both did a hefty job of making holes in the enemy fleets, but the battle was still far from undecided. Damage reports began to flood in from all across the ship. Nothing to serious - well that was until the ship's shields suddenly dropped for a few seconds. They came back on, but were quickly followed by a critical system failure on Deck 5! To add insult to injury, A Valdore-class warbird suddenly decloaked right off the starboard bow!

Warp ordered the ship hard to port, while Prax had Fuller shoot off a volley of quantum torpedoes. However, being in such a vulnerable position, the 'Tem naturally took some heavy damage. Warp ordered Arnet to sickbay and do his duty, despite the latter's hesitation. During this time the Velez had taken heavy damaged and asked to be escorted to the line of fighting. Warp ordered the 'Tem out, but asked for a schematic of the fight. On it he noted a hole that could be filled to make the fleet more compact. He was about to send a message to the fleet when he suddenly paused and ordered the ship to go around and to send the Velez on it's away - the Potemkin was going into the middle of the fleet.

Warp stated that the gap seemed too convenient and wanted to not take any chances. The Velez was able to make it out of the battle, while the 'Tem went to check Warp's hole. At the same time Jordan and Arnet (hardly on speaking terms) were busy at saving lives pouring into sickbay. The injuries were severe and brutal. The good doctor was forced to due an impromptu surgery on Lt. Sarjim Jara, with Jordan assisting. At the same time, Tora and Micheal had their hands full keeping the ship from falling apart.

Warp's instincts were right - 12 Romulans decloaked in an attempt to flank. Warp sent out a call for some Tholians and Klingons to join the 'Tem in stopping this latest development. Before the newer forces could even be engaged, a squadron of 6 more Romulan ships suddenly decloaked -and promptly began firing on the other Romulan vessels! Their mysterious benefactor turned out to be none other than Rokan; he announced that he was ready to fight alongside the Federation to restore Romulus to its former glory.

This happy announcement was soon ruined by the announcement that the Trafalgar was badly damaged and that their entire command crew had been killed; they were in need of a temporary CO. The 'Tem and the Accipiter, Rokan's flagship, made their way to toward the struggling ship. Prax made a mad dash to the transporter room. In a split second, Nguyen transported him over to the the Trafalgar. The two ships started to fire on a slew of Cardassian vessel - until they found that the Romulan line had regrouped - and was approaching ominously!

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