A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


The Navarre was cruising through space near the Black Cluster. It had detected some unusual energy fluctuations that could be cloaked ships. Because Breen territory is very near the Black Cluster, the Navarre was sent in to take a closer look. The sim started very calmly, with nothing out of the usual protomatter. The crew was just beginning to relax when an energy surge was detected off the port bow, and a proximity alarm sounded.

Warp ordered the ship hard to port, but before anyone could react there was a bright flash of light that blinded all the crew. Soon it was apparent that something was very wrong - sensors showed empty space. There was no trace of any of the phenomenon usually present in the Black Cluster. The computer was having a hard time determining its position, but then it also turned up another alert; the shipboard computer was off base with the standard Federation time beacon. The stardate appeared to be somewhere around 50500 to 51000, years in the past. Complicating matters even further, a variety of ships began appearing on sensors.

A full fledged armada of Starfleet ships was now present, less than a light year away. Figuring out they were in the middle of the Dominion War, Warp gave the order to fall in with the fleet and then find some way to sneak away. At the same time, a flotilla of Dominion and Cardassian vessels dropped out of warp in the opposite direction. While merging in with the rest of the fleet, the crew was able to identify the USS Defiant in the lead and, more surprisingly, the Potemkin!

The Dominion forces soon engaged, and Warp gave the order not to fire under any circumstances. However, it became harder and harder to avoid fire - especially when a Cardassian ship targeted the Navarre specifically. Warp gave the orbit to run, but several other ships joined in the pursuit to take out the ship that seemed not to be fighting back. This had the unfortunate side effect of drawing in the Defiant to the rescue, and then the Potemkin to help the Defiant. Then, in one horrifying moment, the Potemkin suddenly suffered several explosions and it, and the Defiant, were destroyed in giant fireballs. Even worse, the USS Galaxy came in to help save the Navarre also and suffered the same fate.

A general fleet retreat was called for, but the Navarre was caught by some more Dominion fire. The shields were quickly reduced to nothing and the starboard nacelle took heavy damage, almost shredding in two. The explosions continues all around the ship, and the enemy knocked out the impulse drive before the Navarre could limp away. With the damage adding up horribly, Warp gave the fateful call to abandon ship. More explosions followed, killing Arnet, and the warp core began to breach. Then the Navarre exploded in a shade of orange, then red, and then black...

After a moment of seeming to be in the middle of a black oblivion, there was a flash of light and the crew was once again on the bridge with everyone present at their posts. Sensors had no record of the battle - like it had not even occurred, or that it hadn't occurred yet. Just as before, two fleets dropped out of warp. This time, however, the computer was able to recognize that it was the Federation Ninth Fleet. Warp surmised that the Navarre was witnessing the events of "Operation Return" * and ordered the ship to fall in with the fleet again. Several people expressed that this might be a predestination paradox and that they had to do something important or be stuck in a repeating loop of destruction.

This time Warp ordered all weapons to fire, falling in to protect the Potemkin. Soon the battle was engaged and the pint sized Navarre did what it could. The crew witnessed a large cruiser flying in toward the Defiant and it was recognized as the moment when the 'Tem was destroyed last time. Warp suddenly ordered the Navarre to break course and protect the Defiant at all costs. The ship took an incredible amount of damage, hardly making a dent in the forces attacking the ship she was supposed to be protecting. With shields failing and consoles exploding (again) Warp gave the order to save the Defiant. The only way he could figure was to ram the opposing ship.

With all the strength left in her, the Navarre surged forward and crashed into the dorsal hull of a Dominion cruiser. Once again, there was an orange flash, a red flash, and then...black. Another bright flash and the crew finds itself back on the bridge and unharmed. Sensors showed something unexpected - they were back in the Black Cluster. Time beacons reaffirmed that they were in their own time, and conferring with Memory Alpha revealed that there were no alterations in the time line.

Everything eerily back to how it should be, Warp left to write up the report for this last experience, and Arnet advised that a good drink would do the crew good after this last one...

  • It was later found out by Specialist Elijah Bowman that the Navarre was actually at the First Battle of Chin'toka
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