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Return To The Saddle, Part II

It's been twelve hours since the Potemkin had encountered the SS Pollux, captain by Rabin/David, the estranged son of the one and only Jim! His crew had contracted some strange disease and were all slowly falling into comas. The Miranda-class vessel was in tow, both ships heading toward Starbase 22 where, hopefully, the experts there could find a solution to the problem.

An away team of Arkin, Fuller, Krump, Tora, and Micheal was assembled to beam back over to the Pollux and keep working on a solution to this next problem. With the permission of Warp, they beamed back over to the plague ship. They found Jim still alive and well, with his cask of cider. While the engineers, Arkin, and Fuller went off to look into the ship's systems, Krump turned his attention to Jim and the patients. Amazingly, Krump found that Jim was still free of the virus. The bartender, on his part, simply shrugged and left to see what the others were doing. Things were still quiet on the Potemkin side, with the command crew stumped and wondering how much they exactly knew about Jim...

Then, in the Pollux's sickbay, Rabin suddenly came to. Delirious and unsteady on his feet, he stumbled down the hall toward the lab. Jim had met the people there and was standing behind in his normal unassuming manner. When Rabin entered, he started a confrontation with his father that escalated into physical violence as the crew tried to restrain him. He managed to deck Krump and only stopped at the sight of Fuller's pulled phaser. It wasn't necessary, however, as Rabin soon collapsed again. During the fray, Jim's cider flew out of his hand and spilled all over the console. This gave Arkin the idea that the cider that Jim had been constantly drinking could be the answer to the problem and contacted Warp to update him on their progress.

Tora and Micheal were having a difficult time getting the systems back online, having to replace several burnt out sections. Meanwhile, Krump replicated some more cider and test it with the disease. To his great dismay, nothing happened. Arkin considered this and decided that since the cider Jim brought with him was made fresh, not replicated, they needed some of his batch. Unfortunately, the only stores were to be found on the 'Tem. Back there, Warp gave several officers the shift off, as they was not much work to be done. Things didn't go smoothly for them; the turbolift they had piled into suddenly stopped mid-decks and they couldn't get the doors open.

With the engineers slowly getting the ship up and going, Arkin and Krump questioned Jim about he and his son. He was less than forthcoming, but was still amiable. Arkin, getting an idea, asked Arnet to get down to Eight Forward and get some cider behind the bar. He was joined on his trip down by Warp, who was descending down to help unlock the brakes to the turbolift that had some of the crew stuck. Arnet eventually got the cider to the transporter, and Warp was able to get the turbolift to the next deck.

Arkin had Jim drink the cider and Krump confirmed that the virus count was dropping. Encouraged, Arkin tried a more practical test and removed the helmet to her protective suit and started drinking the cider herself. Krump then contacted Arnet and told him they were going to need cider - lots of cider.

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