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Return To The Saddle, Part I

Four days after rescuing the engineering team from the bowels of Starbase 22, the Potemkin finally was able to leave dock and head out for its next assignment. No particular orders had come in yet, but everyone knew that they no longer had to worry about going to the front lines. Warp had all stations check in before giving the order to switch to ship's systems and power and have Melina take the ship out.

All was smooth sailing, and even Jim mysteriously came to the bar to watch the grand relaunching into a new universe. Things were going to stay smooth for long; an emergency broadcast lit up Fuller's panel. It turned out to be a call from the SS Pollux, three days out from Galorndon Core. The Captain stated that there was a plague on his ship that was slowly killing his crew. Warp immediately ordered an all stop and then for the 'Tem to take off toward the Pollux's position at warp eight.

The Pollux was finally located, and Warp had them hailed. They were answered by a tired man who introduced himself as Rabin. Strangely enough, as soon as Rabin saw Jim he questioned whether this was all some sort of trick. Jim called the captain "David," and revealed that Rabin was his own son! This upset Rabin so much that he instantly shut off all communications. Jim explained that the two had had a bit of a falling out and that it would be better if he waited elsewhere while they contacted the Pollux again.

This the crew did, and managed to calm Rabin down. Krump was summoned to the bridge and ascertained the plague's symptoms. An away team of Krump, Fuller, and Tora was assigned to beam over and being thorough examinations at once. They arrived on the small refit Miranda-class vessel, but found the crew and Rabin in bad shape. Apparently the captain was the only one still conscious but that didn't last long. The away team split up to explore the ship's logs and sickbay to ascertain any clues possible.

At the same time, those still on board could only sit and wait for answers. Krump asked for a shipment on temporary biobeds to beamed over to help care for the wounded, and Arnet went to work on that. Warp excused himself to his quarters to change after a brief accident with some coffee, and left his new executive officer in charge. Then, suddenly, a figure transported into the Pollux's sickay; Jim stood there, without any protective equipment, carrying a large jug of cider!

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