A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Quantum Mechanics

Ten hours had passed since the end of last sim and the destruction of the Navarre and the apparent death of Commander Prax. The now recovered crew found itself in the Churchill's sickbay, mourning their loss both privately and as a crew.

During the general negative toned conversations, Q (Jr?) appeared stating that it was time to rescue Prax. He warned the crew that they would be pulled into another realm, most likely resembling an old Earth book. Q also made it clear, via the use of his powers, that the crew would need to take this task as seriously as possible.

With the characteristic flash of light, Q took them to a large blank expanse. This, he explained, was the staging area for the continuum. Somewhere in the endless white space was the next step toward finding Prax. As they continued on, they were subject to more of the nearly omnipotent being's whims, including turning Andronicus into a dwarf. Eventually they came to a door which Q led them through.

The door, however, led them into the vacuum of space (which oddly they were able to survive in). They were gently floating in the general direction of where they needed to go. Here they spotted what appeared to be shadows surrounding and following them. Q warned not to touch them (because "stuff would happen"), but, being the irrepressible scientist that she is, Arkin reached to one. Her hand became frozen and she was forced to relive her worst choices. The shadows responded by suddenly turning on Q. Fuller rushed in to save him, but also touched two of the shadows -- net result was the same.

After freeing themselves, they kept drifting until a silver shape appeared in the distance. It was soon revealed to be a half completed Dyson Sphere being built around a star. They came closer and found a solitary figure building the sphere bit by bit...Commander Prax! Overjoyed to see their commander, the crew decided that it was time to leave...only to find that he was not coming with them. Q explained the dilemma: he had thought this was limbo and Prax was stuck here. Now it appeared that this was heaven, where he would want to stay!

All entreaties were met by death ears by Prax, who seemed strangely preoccupied with finishing the sphere and with his "wife and daughter." He also made vague references to being able to go back to when he started the project, and jumping to the end after it was done. Not understanding his true meaning, the crew entreated him to come back, and were put out when he refused.

Bom finally figured out what was going on and asked Q to take them to end, when the Sphere was completed. Q obliged and they found themselves inside the "living room" of the completed sphere. There they were introduced by Prax to his lovely red haired daughter, Nerys. While stuck in this shadowy realm, Prax did what any good engineering would: He had built heave for his deceased family. With that completed, he was free to leave.

The crew suddenly found themselves back on the Churchill. Dazed, they weren't sure what had happened exactly or if they had succeeded until Prax appeared, slightly burned and charred from the explosion of the Navarre. Finally the crew as back together again, despite not having a ship....

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