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Proteus in Blue, Part 2

The Potemkin had been invaded by an alien entity claiming to be the Greek god, Zeus. He was dead set on destroying the one time 'Tem ally, Hyperion the Titan. He took over the body of Bom, and threatened to destroy the ship. Using abilities gleaned from his long time host, Sybok, he freed the pain of Captain Warp, Commander Arnet and Commmander Prax. The sim opened exactly where the previous one ended. Bom hovering the turboshaft holding a battered Prax who has just accused Arnet of hiding something from him....

Prax lunged at Arnet, and a few of the crew had to separate them while both tried to bring their shattered memories back to order. Zeus demanded that the crew take them to Hyperion, and took the captain's chair. Any resistance garnered against him was easily defeated, and the 'Tem sprung to life and lept to warp. Sybok, meanwhile insisted that he had to join with Zeus again. Only he, or so he claimed, could contain Zeus's persona.

Hara launched a mek'leth at Zeus/Bom, but Sybok took the blade for him. He then latched onto Bom and pried Zeus back into himself. Zeus commanded that the ship still take him to Hyperion and sent a bolt into Hara. At the same time, sensors picked up the Gilbert reappear on sensors, closing fast on the 'Tem. The crew managed to avoid a collision, but the Gilbert pulled along side. Zeus was having fun torturing Hara, but eventually pitched him across the bridge when Bom suddenly exclaimed that he could get Zeus what he wanted.

Prying Zeus away from the rest, Bom led him down a corridor. He kept telling him that he could get him a transport to Hyperion and ordered everyone else not to interfere. Finally, he ushered Zeus into a small alcove - and opened the airlock. Zeus went flying out into space, and the officers in the corridor found some purchase and shot Sybok's old body. The Vulcan managed to say "Thank You" and then floated off.

The crew began to recover from the experience, with Arnet piecing his mind back together long enough to be a doctor, Warp to command, and Prax to assist. Bom felt guilty over the unfortunately necessary death of Sybok. At the same time, the Gilbert suddenly sprang to life, weapons coming in hot. A few more shots were fired on the 'Tem, and a hail was received. Zeus threatened to kill the crew if they interfered with his plans again. And to prove he wasn't bluffing, he buffeted the Potemkin's hull with the dead bodies of the Gilbert's crew.

The ship then took off for parts unknown, moving at the unbelievable speed of Warp 10. The crew was left, devastated and shaken, and lucky to have survived an encounter with Zeus.

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