A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Opus 32, Part II

The battle over Qo'nos has begun, and the Potemkin and the rest of Gamma Squad had breached the automated defense line that the Romulan/Cardassian fleet had placed around the Klingon home world. The signal controlling these defenses has detected coming from the planet's capital. There were now two objectives: Destroy the source of the signal and protect the landing forces as they attempt to retake the planet.

As the sim began, the crew was still unsure of what to make of the newly arrived Tholians and the deadly web they were weaving. However, a screeching communication came in which declared that the non-humanoid web builders have decided to join forces against the Romulans. Dragging their weaving with them, the Tholians charge the center column of the Romulan forces and created a massive hole in their forces.

Utilizing this to their favor, the fleet descended into the upper atmosphere of Qo'nos. LtCmdr Arkin stated that they had to fly low in order to triangulate the position of the signal. The only problem is that the Romulan fleet could now rain down fire from behind them. As if on cue, a Romulan torpedo struck the main engineering section of Deck 10, causing massive damage to erupt. Medical teams were dispatched to deal with the injured.

Doctor Arnet rushed to engineering to treat the wounded Lt. Micheal, while Lt. Tora rushed to fix a broken plasma seal. Meanwhile fire was coming from above and under (as planetary defenses kicked in). More than one landing transport was shot to pieces. Arkin finally managed to triangulate the signal and FstLt Fuller was given orders to fire at will. Brillitan blue streaks of torpedo fire destroyed the emitter and everything around it.

Meanwhile, stray fire had hit deck delta, stranding Ens. Potter with a rather distraught Lt. Radcliff. Continuing the NPC guest spot, Lt. MacCoroy was dispatched to rescue them and to rescue Potter from the panicking Radcliff. Tora was able to stop the ship from blowing up, and Fuller began focusing fire on any opposition. Ground troops began to land in ever larger numbers...the battle had most definitely turned.

Later a celebration was held in the October Lounge. Over drinks and jokes, the whole war was discussed and debated. Captain Mitchell entered (late as usual) to praise his crew and give a toast to the dearly departed.

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