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Of All Things Great And Small

In the face of a Romulan-Cardassian line bearing down on them, the 'Tem and its allies had fallen back for the second wave. Shields were just about 60%, injured were coming into sickbay, and the battle would get worse in a little under two minutes. Warp gave the all call to prepare for battle, and the fighting with the Romulans began anew.

Things looked the same as any battle - Fuller was able to hit some Romulan vessels, and they were able to hit the 'Tem as well. Warp contacted Prax on the Trafalgar and arranged for him and the Catherine to try and punch through the line with the 'Tem. As they went forward, the warbirds began to devastate all in their path. A Ferengi marauder was destroyed right in front of the 'Tem, the debris impacting the front shields - hard. The Romulans broke off to fight others, but one got a lucky shot on the dorsal shields that weakened the shields greatly while causing a hull breach on deck gamma. Tora and Micheal were dispatched to fix the breach, while Doctor Arnet was called to the bridge to help the injured up there.

Just as the Potemkin, Catherine, and the Trafalgar broke through the front line, a First Federation vessel sent a warning out to the whole fleet that it was currently set on self destruct and was flying into the middle of the Romulan fleet. This it did with a spectacular bang - destroying a sizable chunk of the armada and damaging many Romulan vessels. The victory was short lived, however, as a D'deridex-class warbird suddenly decloaked off the port bow and fired off two torpedoes before eventually being destroyed by a Gorn vessel. This, unfortunately, coincided with shields suddenly going out on the port side. The torpedo created a giant gaping hole in the engineering section - and Chief Petty Officer Rocci was pulled out into space.

Most of the crew was knocked off their feet (or worse) by the impact. The Catherine stepped in and managed to shoot down several Romulan vessels and help break the second line. A call came in from Fleet Command for all available vessels to descend on the Romulan capital. Port phasers were not working anymore, and damage control teams were squirming all about the ship. However, the trio of ships were making their way through the city, taking damage from the weapon turrets defending the city. Warp gave the order for Andronicus and Ryan to take off in two new fighters - the Fenris and Cerebus respectively.

Tora was able to restore full power to the weapons pod, just as the Fenris and Cerebus slid out of the bay doors to combat Romulan shuttles taking off. Things began to look brighter as more and more Allied vessels began breaking through the atmosphere. Unfortunately a Romulan torpedo hit the Catherine's shields hard and it was forced to pull away with several damage and a massive hull breach. The two fighters were doing heavy damage and more and more ships were breaking through the atmosphere. Then, in less than a blink of an eye, a message came over from Fleet Command - to cease fire immediately because the Romulans had surrendered!

Several days later and the combined crews from the Trafalgar, Catherine, and Potemkin were celebrating their success. It was a time of victory, introspection, drinking, and reminiscing. During the ceremony Prax came in from his temporary place as CO of the Trafalgar to join his crew in celebration. However, he made a startling announcement - that Starfleet command had given him permanent command of the Trafalgar and he would be leaving the 'Tem immediately. The news shocked everyone, but he assured them that he would one day be back. And with that, everyone raised a glass in toast to a long overdue end to a devastating war.

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