A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Nicomachean, Part 2

The sim started out where the last left off, with the crew of the surface of Arx Sterllaris IV. The Prime Minister revealed himself to be none other than the Greek god Ares, son/enemy of Zeus. Even worse, Zeus himself showed up and proved his destructive capability by causing Bom to virtually explode.

Warp ordered all teams to safer ground, although that was met with mixed results. Doctor Arnet determined that Bom was indeed past recovery and was about to pull Counselor Jordan away when Zeus reappeared, in the Bolian's body, stating that he would not so easily destroy such an able vessle. Arnet was then sent flying by a bolt of Zeus's lightening and the would be god then turned his wrath on the crew.

At this point Ares intervened, declaring that Zeus should not have taken corporeal form again. A fierce battle ensued with Ares attacking with sword and hammer, and Zeus responding with lighting and other tricks. The crew tried to join in the attack also, but Arkin and Jordan were sent flying into Ares, Tora's arm was practicaly ripped off when he tried to fight back, and other injuries along the way.

Gathering all the crew in one place to observe the battle and formulate a plan. Try as he might, Ares was definitely no match for Zeus. However, he did mention the "Son of Light" which struck some cord of fear in the nearly omnipotent being. After this, the arrogant being cast Ares aside and began to pull what seemed to be an invisible string. In reality, he was using his powers to bring down the USS Gilbert, the ship he orginally had escaped on, crashing down!

Deciding to incapacitate Bom in order to cause Zeus to leave him, two plans were devised. Tora, using his borg body parts, could cause an electromagnetic pulse in order to harm an energy being like Zeus. If that failed, Doctor Arnet had ready a hypospray with a poisonous compound, hoping to get Bom free by nearly killing him. Plan A was the one put into action, hoping to avoid any unneccesary death. Meanwhile, Ares grew to gigantic proportions in order to catch the falling Gilbert and then throw it into the system's sun.

Warp chose to deliver the EMP, running straight at Bom and detonating the device. The force of the blast drove both he and Bom unconscious, as well as driving Zeus out. Ares took the oppurtunity to slash at the incorporeal Zeus, wounding the entity. It fled, but the crew was warned that he would not be gone for long. Ares said he would follow him, but told Warp to be on the look out for Rames "The Son of Light," the one would had imprisoned Zeus in the first place. He also said that he would only answer to one name "Ozymandias."

The crew was then able to return to their ship, where the wounded (of which there were many) were sent instantly to sickbay to be mended. Trying to put this past ugliness behind them, the crew then left orbit...


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