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Nicomachean, Part 1

The Potemkin was on its way back to the Cardassian front, when an emergency signal from Starfleet was received and the ship rerouted to Arx Stellaris II. The crew had returned to its normal routine after the disastrous encounter with itself during "Hard Aground". The ship arrived in orbit and was contacted by Prime Minister Samirsera. He related to them that a Federation vessel had mysteriously appeared in orbit a few days ago, taken some scans, and left. It didn't respond to hails, and had released a probe that had crashed into the middle of a busy city. The Prime Minister had immediately contacted Starfleet to come and investigate.

A small decon team under Bom and Tora were to investigate the probe while Arnet, Jordan, Arkin, and Ryan were to go as part of diplomatic team. However, Warp called Prax into his ready room to discuss something first. He voiced his concern that it was one of two possibilities - it was the Red October, which had disappeared with Fuller (but the probe incident ruled that out) or the USS Gilbert. Concerned about the latter, the two decided to both head to the surface. They met the decon and diplomatic teams in the transporter room, and together they transported down to a bustling metropolis.

The away team was greeted by the Prime Minister, who offered to show them around their fair city while the decon team did its job. Samirsera, decked out with a large sword and hammer, offered to show them (at Arnet's suggestion) the medical facilities, named the Apoline Institute. However, Arnet instantly recognized the medical symbol used; two snakes twisted around a winged staff - the same symbol used on Earth. When he related this and how it belonged to the Apollo of myth, the Prime Minister began asking questions as to whether the crew had met Apollo. When told that Apollo was not real, Samirsera negated this by saying he knew Apollo. More than that, he was his brother! At the same time, the decon team found the probe and Bom was able to get the registry from it: NCC-71047. It was the from the Gilbert.

The probe suddenly began to shake, and blue lightning shot out of hit, hitting one of Bom's decon team. The engineer instantly turned on Bom, tackling him to the ground. Tora tried to get Bom free, but the engineer was too strong for them both. Zeus began speaking, saying that he would kill Bom last, after finishing someone else first. With that, he grabbed the two engineers and launched upward. Samirsera began questioning the crew about what they knew of his kind, and revealed that he was of the same race as Zeus and Hyperion. Upon hearing that Zeus had been released, he drew his massive hammer. He declared this was bad news indeed, because Zeus could not be killed! Suddenly, Zeus crashed through the level they were on, throwing Tora, and stating his purpose - to come and kill Ares.

Zeus held Bom captive, stating that Warp should hand over Ares or the engineer would die. Warp denied having any power to do so, and failed to be intimidated by Zeus displays of power. The crew moved to try and help their comrade, but it was too late. A giant energy bolt burst out of Bom's chest, and he fell to the ground - dead!

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