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Missing Pieces, Part II

The Potemkin hovered over an M-Class planet in the Freya system, observing bits of the hull of the Atreides. More bits were discovered, including a long section on the planet surface. Warp ordered the ship into the upper atmosphere to get better scans. However, there were no detectable life signs. As an ominous sign, the power suddenly dipped before being restored - the cloak was drawing more power than was previously anticipated. With little choice, and wanting to find out more, Warp ordered Prax to lead an away team made up of Arkin, Jordan, Fuller, Tora, and Ryan to the planet surface.

To conserve power, Warp had Doctor Arnet evacuate the crew to the emergency centers of the ship, and then had Micheal put the 'Tem into gray mode and cut power to several decks. Lieutenant Kelson also came up to the bridge to take the conn. Down on the planet, the away team found a bitterly cold planet. Under various pieces of hull they found various pieces of corpses that seemed to have burned. However, there were not enough bodies to account for all of the Atreides's crew.

Suddenly, the away team was able to pick up trace amounts of metal below the surface and faint energy signatures. Following the natural conclusion, they found a small bunker entrance and all entered except Arkin. She informed Warp about their plan and the discoveries so far. Down in the bunker the away team found oddly lit rooms and a door leading down a long narrow corridor - and the sound of footsteps greeted their ears.

The team found itself face to face with a four man troop of Romulans. Ryan accidentally gave the order to fire and Fuller did just that before Prax could stop him. The Romulans were surprised, but they did get a few lucky shots in before finally been taking down. At the same time, a Romulan warbird decloaked in orbit and started firing on the Potemkin. With the cloak not working and power levels dropping, the Romulan's disruptors were hitting the 'Tem's unprotected hull. Warp ordered evasive maneuvers and full power. They had to hold off the warbirds as long as possible.

The war in orbit wasn't going as well as one might have expected, with the Romulans firing lazily. They seemed to be taking their advantage for granted, and Captain Mitchell used this to add a bit of power to the engines, rush forward, and punch a hole in the Romulan's shields. He then had tactical fire a torpedo that, although it missed the hole, caused massive damage to their hull and sensors. Warp had the ship fly in formation with the Romulan's blind spot, then had the ship jut forward and launch a torpedo - which the warbird blindly ran into. The whole vessel was destroyed in a bright display.

Meanwhile, the away team began detecting human life signs. A short turbolift ride to a lower level led them to another long corridor. This time they ran into a squad of six Romulans, and they managed to kill five and subdue one. The found some human prisoners, those alive, dying, and already dead. They managed to release the prisoners, but set off alarms in the process. The away team hurried as fast as they could to get to the surface, and the Potemkin began to beam them up as fast as possible. Eventually the whole crew was brought aboard, and the injured filtered to sickbay. Warp ordered an immediate jump to warp with a course toward Federation territory. At the same time, in sickbay, Ryan was relieved to see that Alexandra Jameson was among the survivors and welcomed her home.

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