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Missing Pieces, Part I

The Potemkin has been ordered to begin a search for a missing starship, the USS Atreides. Its last known whereabouts placed it in battle with Romulan Warbirds, however what happened next is unclear. This mission requires the ship to penetrate Romulan borders, a dangerous proposition given the current state of war existing between the Romulan Star Empire and the Federation.

The Potemkin hung outside Romulan space, trying to figure out a good way to enter. Two options were introduced - one was try to mimic the Red October's stealth drive, while Lieutenant Tora suggested trying to build and implement a cloaking device that was once used on the USS Pegasus. There was a debate about using the latter option as it violated the Treaty of Algernon. Finally Warp decided to go ahead with both options and start heading toward the border in the meantime.

Arkin was able to plot possible courses for the Atreides, and came up with three possible Romulan POW camps to which they could have been taken. Meanwhile Tora came up with the idea to use the main deflector to create a graviton lens around the ship - protecting it from visual and sensor scans, but it would still be detected at warp. The only catch was that it would take a full 90 seconds between when the cloak disengaged and when the shields would be available. Warp gave the order to move into a certain system and bring the cloak and stealth warp online. He noted that in the Freya system there was an asteroid belt loaded with ores that played havoc on senors; it was a perfect place for a POW camp.

The 'Tem crossed stealthily into Romulan space, but was immediately greeted by the detection of a Romulan warbird. It was approaching the Potemkin with shields up and weapons charged. After several tense moments, however, it became apparent that warbird had not detected the Starfleet vessel and went along its way. Warp ordered the ship to stealthily warp to the Freya system. Once there, Arkin picked up what looked like the remains of a starship. The 'Tem moved to investigate and, sure enough, they found a piece of hull marked USS Atreides NCC-1812...

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