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Memory In Flames, Part III

The Potemkin still found itself in the powerful grip of the Qualitarian's implosion beam. R'Laumon renewed his threatenings to have Arkin and the portal technology she possessed, but Warp replied that destroying the 'Tem would get him nothing that he wanted - in fact the explosion would most likely take out his ship as well. Undeterred, the Qualitarians increased output to their weapon. The ship couldn't take much more, and structural integrity failed on Deck B. In this desperate time, Warp came up with a unorthodox idea - Prax would lead a strike team to the enemy vessel to try and stop the beam. He called Ryan, Fuller, Andronicus, and Tora to join him.

With only minutes remaining until total structural collapse and a warp core explosion of epic proportions, the crew was hoping Prax's team would succeed. Arnet and Jordan began going deck by deck to inoculate crew members against the radiation poisoning. Bom and an engineering team were working on hull breaches on B Deck, while Arkin suggested transmitting a fake program over to fool the Qualitarians and buy Prax some time. Meanwhile, the away team had encountered some resistance - in the form of seven foot tall guards. After putting down the guards down, Prax and the team quickly made their way into the appropriate section and laid down a few photon grenades. They managed to beam away just before the explosion - and being shot be arriving reinforcements. The incursion worked - there was a massive explosion and the implosion beam immediately shut off.

Warp set an immediate course toward Arkia, to keep the Qualitarians from going back there to destroy any portal technology that is there. Arkin resisted, revealing that Aieryn was on the surface with survivors and that they could potentially lead R'Laumon there. With no choice, the 'Tem continued on route there, but Arkin was given permission to try and subtly contact the surviving Arkians. Meanwhile, Arnet and Jordan rushed to Main Engineering to help Bom and his engineering team, all of whom were exposed to heavy doses of radiation. Bom had to be drug to sickbay and needed extensive anti-radiation therapy. With twenty some odd minutes until the reached the planet, and the Qualitarians in hot pursuit, Tora suggested using his theoretical TASER weapons system. Warp gave the go ahead and Prax volunteered to help. More torpedoes were fired at the 'Tem, which the ship had only managed to just barely avoid.

The TASER failed on the first attempt, but Tora theorized that it was because of the warp field. Warp ordered the ship to drop out of warp in orbit of Arkia. The Qualitarians also dropped out of warp, but headed straight for the planet, firing off what weapons they could. Suddenly, Aieryn contacted the 'Tem asking for any help possible - and revealing that there were thousands of people still living on Arkia. The TASER was activated again - and this time worked beautifully. It caused numerous damages and secondary explosions to the Qualitarian vessel. However, before being completely shut down, the aggressors managed to fire off one last torpedo!

With no time to avoid it, the torpedo smashed into the 'Tem's weapons pod - destroying the pod and the TASER system with it. Power was suddenly cut to most of the ship, and the damage was intense. Finally Warp realized that the Potemkin was dead in the water and sent out a distress beacon...

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