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Memory In Flames, Part II

The Potemkin had just witnessed the destruction of an entire populated moon at the hands of the Qualitarians. Their leader, R'Laumon, once again demanded that Warp hand over the portal technology or anyone with knowledge of it. He commanded his ship to prepare to destroy the planet the moon had been orbiting if the 'Tem resisted. Warp ordered the ship away at the highest warp speed possible, betting that their foe would follow them - something that proved true, although they did also fire two of their dreaded torpedoes first. Prax suggested a blind warp jump to free them from being tracked, and Warp ordered it so, along with two torpedoes to act as decoys. Meanwhile, Bom was trying to hold his engine room together; it was heavily damaged and not taking too kindly to having to go to work. At the same time Arkin was just waking up in sickbay and expressed relief that "they" didn't find her portal.

The Qualitarians sent another volley, causing the 'Tem to engage in some risky warp turns. They just barely escaped the torpedoes, but two did managed to explode off the aft shields. The whole ship rocked violently, and a chain reaction resulted in a plasma leak in Main Engineering. Bom was forced to set up emergency forcefields and work around the rupture as much as possible. Down in sickbay, Arkin admitted she lied to Warp to do her work and that she was at blame for their current predicament. However, her insistence on beaming over to the Qualitarian vessel was shot down by Arnet; he suggested that she give the captain any information that she had to make amends.

Warp ordered Fuller to try and manipulate a quantum torpedo to increase its yield, in lieu of a tri-cobalt (of which the 'Tem had none). Also, Tora and Bom were tasked with finding a way through the Qualitarian's shields. Seeing as their technology was thorium based for their energy source, they started working on a way to set off a nuclear reaction and take out their power source. At the same time, Arkin showed Arnet to her quarters in order to retrieve information she had on their newest nemesis. All that was sure was that they were conquerers and had attacked Arkia because they wanted their portal technology. On the bridge, Warp seemed to formulate a plan and asked Ryan to keep doing turns to stay ahead of the torpedoes that were continually being fired at them.

Fuller sent off his torpedoes and they did indeed appear to do legitimate damage to R'Laumon's vessel. However, the Qualitarians struck back hard, their phaser beams slicing deep into the ship's hull. Warp ordered an evacuation to the battle bridge, as the bridge seemed just about lost. Tora and Bom came up with a solution to lace their shields with protons in order to start a chain reaction that would potentially interrupt their shields. Arkin, who had been dragged to the bridge by Arnet, attempted to give herself up in order to save the ship, but was duly stopped.

Tora's plan worked beautifully, with their modifications essentially crippling the Qualitarian's weapons and shields. A torpedo volley also managed to damage their ship greatly. However, they were not to be denied their prize; R'Laumon launched his implosion weapon at the Potemkin. As structural integrity fields groaned across the ship, the Qualitarian hailed and taunted that if the 'Tem were to press their advantage and destroy his ship, they would end up dead as well. He then demanded, for the umpteenth time, that they hand over the technology they wanted!

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