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Memory In Flames, Part I

A few weeks after the events of "Danegeld," the Potemkin found itself on patrol of the former Romulan Neutral Zone. Nothing of any particular note had occurred so far, except that Commander Arkin had been working diligently for some time in her lab on an experimental transporter technology.

Alpha Shift was dutifully at its post and thing seems to be normal. However, in her lab, Arkin attempted to contact her missing friend, Aieryn, by yelling into an artificial vortex she had created. There was a faint reply warning her to shut down the experiment, but it came too late. The event horizon would not shut down and sensors across the ship began to read energy fluctuations. The experiment began drawing in small objects, and Arkin could not shut it down at all. The sensors also detected a small vortex of negative energy by the ships hull. Captain Mitchell ordered the 'Tem to back off, but the anomaly followed close behind.

Structural integrity began to weaken, along with several artificial gravity generators on Deck 3. Arkin was virtually trapped in her lab, with the vortex sucking in as much material as it could. The crew on the bridge was unable to figure out where the anomaly could come from or how to stop it. After finally recognizing that it was coming from deck 3, they tried reaching Arkin. Transporting her out didn't work, so a team was dispatched to rescue her. Meanwhile, she tried to create a explosion in the event horizon by detonating a phaser. This stopped the portal from growing, but did not shut it down.

As the team went down to rescue Arkin, Micheal was transported out of a turbolift inside of which he had been trapped. The portal continued to exhort enormous pull, and eventually a worm-hole like anomaly appeared right out side of the Potemkin's hull. Tora suggested using the warp field to bend it and possibly negate its effects on the ship.

When the team reached deck 3, they found the bulkheads had curved in toward the lab. As they opened the lab door, Prax was suddenly sucked into the vortex and only saved himself by latching on to the already dangling Arkin. At that time the gravity generators on deck 3 failed completely, so the rest of the team found itself floating. Tora, meanwhile, managed to use a warp field to bend the anomaly around on itself - which suddenly collapsed down to its normal size and left the ship battered, but no long in danger of coming apart at the seams.

Those on the bridge quickly began filing through damage reports, trying to figure out what exactly had caused the field to shrink. Meanwhile, the portal eventually collapsed, saving any further headaches. To help matters greatly, artificially gravity came back online. Arkin was baldy hurt, and the fall had not done much good to Prax either. Andronicus began to set up a transport to sickby. She was delayed, however, because an unknown vessel was detected heading toward the Potemkin's position.

The vessel identified itself as belonging to the Qualitarians and captained by a fierce warrior named R'Laumon. He demanded that Warp hand over the "Portal Technology." When the crew stated that they were quite sure what they meant, R'Laumon responded by opening fire. Their weapons seemed to easily punch through the 'Tem's shields. Hull breaches were reported across the ship, especially deck 8. Tora thought he could get the warp drive back along to jump away, but he didn't have much time as R'Laumon fired off a full torpedo spread. Only by the skin of their teeth did they jump before the spread hit.

Meanwhile, Arnet and Prax had been transported to sickbay with Arkin and set about working on the injured scientist. Prax was soon called away to help with the ensuing battle. On the bridge, the ship was hailed by their pursuing enemies and told to head toward a certain planet - just so they would know what they were up against.

It soon became apparent that the foe planned to destroy a nearby moon - populated by over 93 million people. Warp ordered any and all measures taken to stop them, but weapons were having no effect. R'Laumon once again demanded the "Portal Technology" or someone who understood it. Warp was ready to do anything to stop the Qualitarians, but they suddenly fired their weapon anyway - completely obliterating the moon. And then they turned on the 'Tem...

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