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Hunt for Red October

Six weeks have past since the Zeus incident, and the Potemkin has been assigned to new duties. The war is at a relatively slow point, so the the sim the crew at the back lines on patrols. Like most assignments, the peace was not to last. Andronicus received a faint distress signal, surprisingly from Lt. Fuller, who had been missing for the past six weeks. Captain Mitchell instantly jumped on the signal, putting the ship on yellow alert and disclosing to the crew that Fuller had been lost test piloting an experimental fighter. Fuller's message also stated that he was on a planet with the descendants of a crashed Starfleet vessel and that they were under attack by Romulans.

Arriving in the system that the distress call had come from, Arkin and Xan were able to pinpoint the fifth planet of the system and Warp had them scan for duranium signatures that would show the location of the fighter and the downed Starfleet vessel, Serenity. Arkin was able to identify three signatures, the fighter, the Serenity, and a Romulan craft.

Prax was ordered to assemble a team and take the shuttle Huang Ho to rescue Fuller and the stranded settlers. Arnet, Bom, and Xan met him down in the shuttle bay and they descended, rather bumpedly, into the atmosphere. Meanwhile, sensors have picked up a distortion field and Arkin was able to identify it as the two cloaked Romulan warbirds, positioned near the planet's south pole. Warp tried to hail them, but they did not respond. The Potemkin fired a warning shot off the bow, but the Romulans responded by firing on the 'Tem.

Surface side the away team split into two groups. Prax and Arnet went off in search of Fuller and the settlers while Xan and Bom went to reach the downed fighter. Bom and Xan stumbled into the crater that the "Red October" made and found that it was indeed still salvagable, but would need some extensive repair. Prax and Arnet found the cave where Fuller and the settlers have holed themselved into. After firing their rifles above the caverns surface, they were able to ferret out the Romulans and allow the settlers to escape to the Huang Ho.

Above the planet, the battle was heating up. A few photon torpedoes had weakened one of the warbird's shields, and Warp ordered the firing of a few of the limited quantum torpedoes. Suddenly, one of warbirds began to glow on the front. It shot out the Romulan plasma weapon, which hits the Potemkin mercilessly. Sensors and shields are knocked off line and casualty reports flood in. The Romulan begin to do a series of pot shots, toying with the damaged ship. Realizing that this battle has gone south, Warp orders a last ditch maneuver...firing the one tricobalt device on board.

The device exploded off the Romulan's hull, causing a massive shock wave that sent all the ships spinning. After the crew had picked it self up from the deck plates, they found the ship in very bad shape. The sensors finally came online again and they determined that one Romulan ship was now burning in space, while the other was retreating quickly. Warp's gamble had payed off.

The settlers and Fuller had been rounded up, with a few being herded onto the Huang Ho and the rest being readied for transport. Casting a dark cloud over this ending, Prax found a data chip left over by one of the Romulan invaders. Immediately, he contacted Warp telling him to relay to the fleet that everyone should begin gathering in the Sol System. The Romulans were on the move...

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