A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


The crew found itself on Starbase 22 after the being towed by the Hiroshima following the disastrous battle over Arkia. After a few hours conferring with Admiral Sorin, Captain Mitchell called the crew together outside level seven, docking port 3. The crew gathered, Warp broke the horrible news: By order of Starfleet brass, the Potemkin was declared unsalvageable and was being officially decommissioned. Half of the 'Tem's current compliment would be temporarily assigned to the USS Navarre, a newer Norway-class vessel.

The announcement elicited a great outcry among the crew, however Warp, Prax, and Admiral Sorin (the Vulcan was clearly on his way to becoming a reoccurring villain to the 'Tem) quieted the crowd and told them to board the Navarre. Everyone shuffled onto the new ship, instantly comparing it to their old friend and companion. At the same time, Commander Arkin was pulled aside by Sorin, Warp, and Prax. The stern Vulcan informed her that due to her recent actions, Arkin was to be demoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Although both Warp and Prax apologized and stated that they would fight this judgment as well. She declined, stating that this was the least that she deserved. Sadly, the trio entered their new home.

The crew milled about the Navarre, trying to locate their quarters, engineering, the lounge, and anywhere else they would need to go on the ship. Warp found his new command slightly depressing, especially given the circumstances surrounding the loss of his old ship. His mood was not improved any by the various complaints by the crew. Doctor Arnet was especially vocal about the sudden reassignment of his staff, most notably Lt. MacCory and Nurse Joy.

Seeing "if they had a pub" the Bloody Doctor wandered down to the Five Forward Lounge. He was soon joined by Lt. Ryan and they both were introduced to Tanner, the tune signing bartender of the Navarre. Ensign Michael soon joined the two, followed by Lt. Kelson, and then nearly the whole command crew. After everyone ordered their favorite drink, Ryan called attention to himself to propose a toast: To their work and home, the ship that was the Potemkin.

Before long, a regular party was in order, with everyone sharing stories, memories, and laughter. The only missing person was the Captain, who was soon called down by Mr. Prax. He was hesitant at first but eventually coaxed to drop by for a few minutes.When he did arrive, he was greeted by cheers from his crew.

Prax called attention to himself and Arkin amid the flurry of activity. Capturing the moment, he took advantage of the less than private settings to propose to Arkin! She accepted, obviously stunned and the unexpected surrounding. The response was overwhelmingly positive, helping to detract from the negative mood of a mere hour earlier.

The celebration was brought to an end by Warp, who called everyone to their posts, as it was time to get underway. The new voyages of the USS Navarre was set to begin. Pulling out of the starbase, the wreckage of the Potemkin could be clearly seen. Wishing their old ship a fond farewell, the crew sped off into the starlight, to seek those new lives and new civilizations....

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