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Heritage, Part II

Hanging just inside Federation boundaries, the Navarre now had a monumental task on its hands - how to return the "guests" from the past, retrieve the away team, and rescue the shuttle? Fuller was given command of the bridge to figure out how to penetrate Tholian space, while Warp working in engineering with Micheal and Arkin about the temporal problem, and Counselor Jordan was asked to keep an eye on the three displaced ancestors.

Fuller, Andronicus, and Ryan discussed several options for sneaking back into Tholian space. The most interesting ones were to either try to employ holo-emitters to emulate a Tholian vessel, or use the trick pick up in the alternate universe to change the transponder and appear to be a Tholian vessel. Down in engineering the team was having little luck, with Arkin supposing that what had occurred was a natural phenomenon for the region and that it could be possible to create a stable vortex again, hold it open, and beam the "guests" back through and retrieve the away team. At the same time Jordan had her hands full. Ver Bom and Zeddar were busy trying to figure out the replicator until Jordan suggested a trip for "some sword play" (ie the holodeck). Unfortunately Zeddar, who seemed much more interested in the Base 10 mathematics of Federation computing, started to tear the replicator apart - necessitating a call for security.

Andronicus's plan was approved, but modified, by Warp. He suggested creating just the energy signature of a Tholian vessel - something hopefully enough to keep patrols away. He then ordered Fuller (who in turn ordered Ryan) to take the ship to a nearby star system and then they were try to sneak into Tholian territory the back way. Arkin, during all this, was able to find the anomaly they were looking for and discovered that it seemed to devour their sensor readings instead of reflecting it, hence why they had not detected it before the beam out. Warp suggested that they study it further from the bridge on their way back across the border.

During this time Zeddar managed to escape from the lounge and lost Jordan has he ducked into a holodeck and set a random program running. He later was able to escape two Security Guards and made his way to the enlisted galley, where he set to work again on understanding how the replicator worked. Jordan took Ver Bom with her to sickbay to try and isolate the Bajoran's biosign and beam him directly there. Jack Arnet remained in the lounge, talking to Tanner, and learning all about synthehol.

Eventually Jordan was able to reign in Zeddar and the Navarre was able to slip back across the border, put into effect Andronicus's plan, and arrive at the target coordinates one more. One low pass over the planet, which heated up the hull of the ship greatly, was enough to finally materialize the shuttle into the Navarre's shuttlebay. The ship then came around again and the three guests - each saying good bye in their own way - were finally transported home. A split second later Lieutenant Nguyen was able to locate the missing away team and beam them back aboard.

All was going well until Fuller detected three inbound Tholian vessels. Warp ordered yellow alert and a course back to the Federation border immediately. Down in the transporter room Arnet, Bom, and Prax were a little confused about what happened, but Arkin and Jordan were quick to fill them in. It was then that Prax remembered that his ancestor, Zeddar Agath, was a "Lord" who had in fact got rich off of introducing Base 10 mathematics into Bajoran society! With that, the Navarre once again crossed back into Federation space and toward its next assignment.

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