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Heritage, Part I

The Navarre has been dispatched on yet another diplomatic mission, this time to the Tholian Assembly. A Federation shuttlecraft, carrying a group of scientists, had suffered an accident and had crashed landed on a planet just inside of Tholian space. The Assembly had previously turned down an offer to join in the Federation war against the Romulans and diplomatic relations are strained at the moment. The Tholians gave special dispensation for the Navarre to come into their space and rescue the shuttle. However, they also dictated that the crew had 12 hours to rescue the down craft and/or crew. Only 3 people were cleared for transport: engineers Prax and Bom, and the doctor, Arnet.

The sim started with the three in the transporter room with Captain Mitchell and Counselor Jordan observing. The trio stepped onto the transporter pad and Nguyen proceeded to send them to the planet. Immediately after transport, however, things went wrong. Sensors picked up an unknown spatial disturbance suddenly coming to life just as the beam out occurred. Moments later Nguyen announced that there was a problem with the beam out. Prax, Bom, and Arnet never materialized on the planet's surface. After suspecting that he had lost their patterns, he found three that almost seemed to correlate with the away team. He materialized them back on the pad...only to find that the Bajoran, Bolian, and Human he brought back were not the away team!

Meanwhile, bridgeside, the crew was attempting to analyze the spatial anomaly (which had unexpectedly closed). A hail was then received, audio only, from the Tholians. It was an automated warning from the Tholians who stated that they had detected no beam out from the Navarre yet and that if they did not begin rescue operations immediately, they would be driven from Tholian space. Arkin immediately contacted the transporter room to find out what was going on, but she was only told to standby...things were complicated.

It soon turned out that the three who replaced the away team were just as confused as Warp and Jordan. The human, wearing an old Earth business suit, introduced himself as Jonathon "Jack" Arnet, the Bolian as Bom Ver Bom of the order of St. Bolarus, and the Bajoran as Zeddar Agath. Their names and medical scans confirmed that they were somehow related to the away team. Calling some security, Warp decided to lead the trio to the bridge in order to convince them about where they were.

Upon arriving, the group fund the Tholians radioing again claiming that the Navarre had broken the agreement and must leave now. Warp attempted to negotiate, but the Tholians refused and demanded the Navarre leave Tholian space immediately. The displaced threesome began to ask questions about the bridge and the operations of the ship, forcing Warp to have Arkin and Jordan remove them to the observation lounge. The captain tried to ask that another team be sent, but the Tholians refused this also.

The two women had hands full dealing with the condescending Zeddar, the overly jolly (and quite the nice baritone) Bom Ver Bom, and the giddy Jack Arnet. Around of drinks and food was ordered, necessitating the explanation of replicator. Meanwhile, the bridge crew raced for ideas as to what to do now. Transporting the shuttle into the cargo bay was discussed, and the ship was moved closer to attempt it. Unfortunately, the this only angered the Tholians more, who called in back up. To the astonished eyes of the crew, and the "guests" in the Observation Lounge, the ships began to weave the infamous Tholian web.

Racing for time, Warp ordered a way out the only way possible --straight down and over. This would take the ship into the planets atmosphere, risking tearing it apart in the process. Orange glow cover the Navarre as it began to descend into the atmosphere beneath the web. Finally under the web, the ship shot up. Now the only problem was getting out of the atmosphere, causing terrible shaking on ship from turbulence.

Finally the ship left the atmosphere and warped back to Federation space, leaving the shuttle behind and Zeddar, Ver Bom, and Jack stranded in the future.

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