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For Aeirton And Pride, Part III

The crew remains divided as the non-humans attempted to correct history by saving a young Isaac Newton, and the Terrans attempted to regain total control over the ship. However, both parties did not count on the arrival of the Wotal - both on Earth and their ship in orbit.

Down on Earth, the crew was able to beat back the Wotal invaders and rescue Melina, who had been in the shuttle that they tried to commandeer. While Doctor Krump treated Melina, the rest headed toward town to stop the Wotal from whatever they had done. They arrived in a quaint little street of Lincolnshire, England. Taking refuge behind some crates, they scanned for the Wotal and found a few life signs heading toward them. Waiting in ambush, they were astonished to see a young boy running toward them...with the expected Wotal right behind.

Meanwhile the Terrans were coping with the Wotal vessel in orbit. They were hailed and greeted by the sight of Rin, Warp's old arch nemesis from years past. He gloated over Warp about the infraction he was going to make to the time line, although he seemed a bit disturbed that the humans did not remember their past encounters or the religious overtones they now displayed. Shutting down communications, Rin ordered his ship to fire on the 'Tem. The Potemkin still being blind, that caused quite a problem.

Doctor Krump grabbed the boy and pulled him away from the Wotal, who had begun firing. The team managed to fight the Wotal off once again, but it left several alien bodies lying in the street. Just then, the boys mother came round the bend, yelling for her son. She was calling out "Isaac!" and they soon confirmed that this young child was the very Isaac Newton they had come to save. However, their weapons and presence caused some fear from Mrs. Newton, who thought that they were demons. They reassured her that they were sent to fight against the "demons" (the Wotal). They disposed of the alien bodies as discreetly as possible.

In orbit, Warp (ever the captain) had the the 'Tem fly behind Luna in order to give them some breathing room and hopefully get sensors working. Then, coming out in an ambush of Rin, the Potemkin latched onto his ship with a tractor beam. There, where the shields were the weakest, Fuller hammered the Wotal vessel with all they had. Eventually Rin was beaten into submission...or had he?

Down on the surface a house next to the away team exploded. Rin had begun firing on the surface! The away team managed to throw Isaac and his mother out of the way, while the 'Tem disabled Rin's ship (almost blowing it up in the process).

Suddenly...time reset itself. With Rin unable to complete his time tampering, the time line seemed to have automatically been restored. All of the away team were back on the bridge, with their memories still intact. However, all the Terrans did not seem to remember anything at all about the incident. Warp, upon hearing the strange exclamations among the crew ordered them to report to sickbay with Doctor Arnet for examinations. However, Arkin resisted and pulled a phaser on the captain to ensure that the time line had been set right.

Once deprived of the phaser, she still resisted and camouflaged herself to avoid having to go to sickbay. The bridge was sealed and she was eventually incapacitated. Down in sickbay, with everyone receiving a examination. It was found that all the non-human crew members had a build up of chroniton particles, while the humans exhibited no such signs. Doctor Krump was finally able to calmly explained what had occurred.

Trusting their story, Warp ordered everyone to still go through a thorough examination with Doctor Arnet and then to write a thorough report. For now, they still had to explain to Starfleet how they had suddenly showed up at Earth...

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