A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

For Aeirton And Pride, Part II

The sim continued with the crew divided between non-humans and the Terrans, who seemed to have suddenly turned into religious zealots. Arkin and those with her had discovered that someone had tampered with history and they had to fix it; however, they first had to deal with Terrans, who were storming the ramp on deck 2. They had managed to cut power to the deck and were facing off against security forces coming from behind.

On the bridge, the non-humans, having decided that traveling back to 1648 was the only option, starting looking for the options. It was suggested that sling shotting around a star would be the best option. Melina located a suitable class-G star near Earth and Arkin ordered her to set course at warp 9.7. At this same time, the Terrans were having trouble cutting through the security forces, which had phaser resistant armor. Deciding that another way was needed, Warp and Fuller caused a bulkhead to collapse in order to separate the two opposing sides and have a clear path to the bridge.

The Terrans finally made it up to the top of the ramp, where they were met by Doctor Krump. The Ferengi tried his hand at explaining what was happening and why there was a mutiny. However, it was all a stalling tactic while Tora finished his sling shot calculations. Melina had found a closer star, and the 'Tem went into a tight loop. Inertial dampers and structural integrity fields were strained as time and space started to warp around the ship. All the crew was made incredibly dizzy or even unconscious until finally the Potemkin returned to normal velocities.

With the jump ended, the entire crew started to get back on his feet. Arkin immediately ordered Melina to get a star fix, but the computer was having difficulty identifying exactly where they were. Warp seized the moment, fired on Krump, and stormed the bridge. Arkin had provided for this eventuality and executed a program that automatically locked out the bridge and transported the non-humans to the shuttlebay. There she ordered everyone to the Huang Ho to start the next phase. Meanwhile, Warp started to take control of the bridge, and ordered Fuller and Micheal to secure deck 2. Arnet, Jordan, and Ryan were all having a minor disagreement, but Warp reminded them that there was work to be done.

Eight hours later, the Terrans had gathered onto deck 8. The non-human had holed themselves up in the Huang Ho from which they were controlling the ship. The 'Tem, running low on fuel, was coming into the Sol System and would soon pass by Earth; the Terrans were trying to stop the non-humans before this mark was reached. Unfortunately, just as Fuller was able to burn through the door and gain access to the sickbay, the shuttle launched. Their destination was Lincolnshire, England, where they hoped to find a little known (in this time line) child named Isaac Newton...

The Terrans came back to the bridge, but they found sensors were offline - they were missing parts and the spares were also gone. In response, Warp ordered Arnet and Micheal to take a shuttle down in order to spot where the non-humans had gone. During this time, Melina landed the shuttle in a quiet glen in the middle of a forest. Arkin led the rest away from the shuttle while Melina stayed to guard the craft. They started to follow a roughly humanoid figure that was making it ways through the trees.

Arnet and Micheal were unable to get the doors open to take the Indefatigable. Transporters were also disabled, rendering them incapable of getting out into space. Down on the Earth, Arkin, Krump, and Tora finally caught up with the figure they were trailing. It was a tall, lanky, pale alien - a Wotal. At the same time, another Wotal ambushed Melina in the shuttle, knocked her out, and took off in the shuttle. It began to fire upon the away team, and eventually landed to gather up the other Wotal.

Things in orbit weren't faring much better. Just as Micheal was trying to open the shuttlebay doors, another vessel suddenly dropped out of warp. It was instantly recognizable - it was the ship of the Wotal captain, Rin...

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