A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

For Aeirton And Pride, Part I

After the events of "Classified" and the run in with the mysterious "Omega Protocol" the Potemkin has found itself three months out of sync with the rest of the universe due to extended amounts of time at near light speed. As a result the 'Tem has been sent on a scientific mission until an accurate Starfleet report had been filed.

As the sim opens, the ship was entering sector 5489 to do more studying of that portion of space. The crew was at their normal positions, and all had been going smoothly while they waited for HQ to give the approval for more active duty. Finding a warp capable species on the fourth plant of the Florosa system, Captain Mitchell gave the order to approach and carry out the Federation's chief mission: peaceful contact with other species.

However, while in the midst of of first contact, there was some phenomenon - the whole ship seemed to ripple like a reflection in water. When it had stopped, Captain Mitchell (apparently not noticing what had occurred) continued speaking about their purpose for visiting Florosa IV: "To bring Faith to the galaxy." The crew started noticing that all the humans on board started speaking of a mysterious religion called "Faith" and that they were emissaries of the said religion.

Of course this was very disturbing to the non-human crew members, who seemed to have retained their original personalities. Commander Arkin and Doctor Krump immediately decided to quarantine the effected crew. Stunning and drugging Arnet, Warp, Jordan, and Fuller (and Michael in engineering), they had them transported to the brig.

The humans were able to escape and fearing that there fellow officers had been "overcome with blackness" they tried to make their way to the bridge again. They were deterred once and returned to their cell, but using their knowledge of the ship they were able to escape yet again and make it all the way to the ramp on deck 2.

Meanwhile the unaffected portions of the crew racked their brains for an explanation. Doctor Krump ruled out any parasitic or viral infections and Arkin found no unusual spacial phenomenon that would have affected only the human portions of the crew. Working off a hunch about Captain Mitchell's line about the Federation's objective to bring "Faith" to the galaxy, they started working through the historical records.

They were surprised to find that history had been changed. Certain basic scientific principle, such as gravity, was not discovered until hundred of years after they were supposed to. Eventually it was discovered that one important figure, Sir Isaac Newton, had in fact died in 1648 -- when he was 6 years old. Knowing that this could not be right, and that something horrible must have happened, Arkin made the only decision that could set things right. They had to take the ship back to 1648...

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