A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Fog of Peace

After the end of the Romulan-Cardassian War, Starbase 22 is still a busy hub of activity. The end of hostilities has caused an increase of traffic to the sector, and the starbase is flooded with people and engineers who are doing extensive repairs. The Potemkin has so far been kept out of the loop, letting the crew rest. So, as the sim began, the crew was at different parts of the ship and base, getting used to the new post-war universe.

Bom gathered all the engineers about him to explain some news. He revealed that Starfleet was taking groups of Chief Engineers at a time and taking them to Earth for some extensive training on new technologies they wanted to roll out now that the war had ceased. He named Tora as acting CEO and wished them all good luck. Up on the bridge, Arnet was just settling into his new duties as XO (and being very uncomfortable doing so). Warp was quite amused by the sight, but then he turned his attention to greeting Ensign Melina, the newest recruit to the 'Tem.

Leaving his engineers to their tasks, Bom went to inform Jordan of his extended stay on Earth. She was understanding about the whole thing, and there was a tender moment between the two of them. Things on the bridge got a bit more interesting as Admiral Sorin contacted the 'Tem to inform them of a situation. A group of engineers had gone missing on the base and Sorin was requesting teams to search levels 23 through 29 on the base since internal sensors were down at the moment. Fuller was given the order to organize search groups and to cancel shore leave.

Fuller began to collect teams. He and Tora were the first natural choice, and he soon called Micheal, Jordan, Arkin, and Uatu to gather at the airlock to start the hunt. At the same time Warp contacted Lieutenant Jansee on the Catherine to see if they could use their sensors to find the missing engineers. Unfortunately, those levels were shielded and no sensors could penetrate those levels. During this, a lone Ferengi entered the bridge and made a beeline for Warp. Arnet intercepted him and was introduced to Doctor Krump - a new doctor who would be sharing the CMO duties with MacCoroy. Krump was a typical Ferengi and started by sucking up to the bosses. Finally, Arnet led him down to sickbay.

Fuller split the teams into two groups - himself, Uatu, and Jordan would search 23 through 26 while Arkin would take Micheal and Tora from 27 to 29. The search was not all that successful at first. There was a significant amount of interference that blocked most of the tricorders. At times they registered life signs, at other times not. Eventually though Fuller's team began to hear a few faint cries for help and moved in that direction. Arnet, meanwhile, introduced Krump to Doctor MacCoroy and left them to become better acquainted. It was an interesting mix of the shy human and the outgoing Ferengi.

Finding nothing on their levels, Arkin led her team down to join Fuller and his group. They followed the sound of voices down darkened corridors, growing louder. Eventually they were able to make out that voices were in distress, and started smelling smoke. They rounded a corner and found a group of three men trapped underneath a collapsed bulkhead 30 meters down the corridor with smoke curling toward the ceiling. Fuller and the rest started toward the trapped men, but they cried something about the active tricorders - right before an explosion ripped through the corridor!

The crew managed to get away relatively unscathed, but the men were still trapped. Tora stated that there was a relatively high unstable magnetic field that would cause the interference, but also make explosives out of all their equipment. The team got to work clearing the pathway to the trapped men. A hole was eventually made to fit one person at a time through. Two of the trapped men got out relatively easy, but another was stuck pretty tightly. Eventually the team was able to pull the men from the wreckage and make their way toward a comm panel they had passed earlier.

During all the happenings on the station, Krump was taking the time to layout his plan for his career. He confided in MacCoroy that his plan was to get trained in Starfleet medical practices before opening his own practice. The two discussed their new roles, the new XO, and the new universe and opportunities open to them. Their down time was suddenly ended when Fuller had the team and rescue crew beamed directly to sickbay - the day had been saved again!

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