A fiery nebula and stellar nursery


The crew of the Navarre was being shuttled from the Churchill to Starbase 22 where, rumor had it, they were to receive their next assignment. However, all was not well, as Captain Mitchell had taken off in the Captain's Gig sometime before and the crew had not heard anything from him in some time.

With docking just mere minutes away, the crew had gathered in the Churchill's lounge to discuss what was going to happen next. While they mixed, mingled, and watched the view of Starbase 22, they were greeted by the sight of damaged ships from the defense of Sol III. Even more discouraging, sandwiched between two larger ships, they saw the Captain's Gig from the Navarre. The engine cowling was gone, the hull was damaged, and the hatch was wide open - the ship was completely open to space.

Unable to dwell on this scene and its implications for too long, they were quickly ushered off the Churchill and onto the base. Prax quietly noted to Arnet that they would be meeting with Admiral Sorin in his office. Then, breaking all the tension, Warp contacted Prax via his commbadge and ask that they all take turbolift 4 on their way to the "high bay observation order." The crew all gathered together in the lift as it shot off toward the top of the base.

The back wall of the turbolift was made of transparent aluminum and afforded a view of the ships around the base. After a bit, the window then gave a view of the high observation bay - full of new ships ready to go out. The crew was taken by the sight of a new Sovereign-class vessel called the USS Destiny. The speculation on whether this was there new ship or not almost overshadowed another sight (as the turbolift moved on) of another ship covered in the shadows. Suddenly spotlights came on, revealed a a hull with "NCC-76927-C" and "USS Potemkin" on it.

The turbolift opened up and Warp stood there, smiling. Admiral Sorin was right there beside him, as well. In his usual tone of slight disapproval, the Vulcan admiral directed the crew to airlock 20C to take a shuttle to their recently refurbished ship. Even more surprising, Jim was sitting behind the controls of the shuttle to take them. He gave the controls over to Ryan to pilot to the new ship. The trip over gave a magnificent view of their refurbished home, and no one was not practically jumping out of their seats to get back onboard as the airlock sealed.

Once back aboard, the crew quickly went their separate way. Arnet to sickbay, Bom to engineering, and the rest to the bridge. Once there, Warp found a package waiting for him on his chair. Addressed to him from an Admiral Cuthbert at Starfleet Command, it stated that the ship had been deemed unsalvageable, but that "your bartender is a most insightful man." Confused as to what exactly that means, Warp took it all in stride and ordered to cut ties with the station and take the ship out into space for shakedown and weapons practice.

The 'Tem slowly slipped out into space passed the starbase as the crew settled back into their own familiar home.

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