A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Doctor Nguyen / One Night Stand

The sim opened with Counselor Jordan, Commander Arkin, and Lieutenant Xan beaming up from attending the Federation Council on Women's Issues annual conference, held this year on the planet Halii. However, as the materialized on the transporter pad, to the extreme shock of Chief Nguyen and the awaiting Lieutenant Commander Bom, it was evident that all three were very pregnant.

After getting over the initial disbelief, pure blind panic set in. The three women were ready to kill the bewildered Nguyen and only Bom's timely intervention saved him. Tora was called immediately to take the transporter system apart, and Arnet was told to expect incoming in sickbay. Warp and Prax was also summoned to sickbay for this new situation.

The whole assembly gathered in sickbay, where everyone stared in disbelief at the newest situation. Arnet quickly had the women (already experiencing pregnancy cravings) to biobeds, and began to run intensive scans. Bom continued to profess his innocence in the whole scheme, and was eventually proven right when Arnet made two stunning revelations. First, Arkin and Xan were both going to have boys while Jordan was the mother of a baby girl. Secondly, the woman all had the same amount of eggs from their last physical. They hadn't been impregnated, per se, but more of something was implanted in them. Oddly enough, the children matched their parent's race...

At the same time, Warp ordered the ship to return to Halii at once. Tora and Nguyen were having a fair time trying to figure out exactly what happened. Everything seemed to be working, and there were no problems to speak up with any of the bio-filters. The only thing to mention was Nguyen had to compensate for a slight energy field that existed around Halii at the time of transport. Consulting with Ensign Trafalgar on the bridge, they found that momentarily the ship had been almost filled with what looked like transporter signatures.

In sickbay, the women were having an awkward time. While Jordan and Bom seemed to be drawing closer because of this experience, Arkin was fighting it tooth and claw. Arnet eventually had to lock sickbay and remove her from duty. Still, nothing was making sense and the Doctor was quickly becoming frustrated. On the bridge, other ships began to respond to questions from the 'Tem stating that they were having the exact same issues. And the ship soon began to shudder as well...

The rocking became worse, starting to cause actual hull damage. It was unexplained and Warp ordered power to be shut down from the warp core to better ride out the buffetings. At the same time, Trafalgar began to read that same anomalous transporter energy building up in the corridors. Things had only heated up in sickbay as Arkin began to feel a great deal of pain from her new addition, and a serious debate was sparked about whether to excise the children or not.

Things began to disappear and reappear on the ship, despite transporters being down. Warp, Tora, and Nguyen devised a strategy to try and beam the excess transporter energy through the buffer. In sickbay Bom and Prax find that the readings coming from the children look almost like a faded transporter signal. Arnet then made the announcement that the children were degrading at the cellular level and would die within a few hours of being born unless something was done.

The ship continue to rock again as the matter stream kept buffeting over and over again. Nguyen's experiment yielded some very interesting results - a humanoid figure appeared on the pad. After a bit of fine tuning, it appeared to be Elisitraee Rein - the conn officer who had died in a transporter incident years before hand. The former officer can't speak, and slowly slips back into the matter stream - but with an oddly content smile.

Meanwhile, things were getting worse for the three mothers. Arnet, Bom, and Prax decided that the babies may have been "buffer ghosts" and that they needed to be returned to the matter stream to survive. With great difficulty, the three were taken back to the transporter room...but then all three went into labor! Nguyen did his best to beam the three children away, but the transporter lock slipped and beamed Arnet away instead!

Nguyen rushed forward, stating his mother was a midwife. And she taught him well, because he delivered all three children before Bom beamed them back into the matter stream. Arnet was finally retrieved, where he made a shocking revelation. There was a community existing out there somewhere; it was eons old and comprised of all those lost in transporter accidents. The "babies" had accidentally been picked up during initial beam in and they had been trying to get them back ever since.

Another mystery solved, the crew was sent back to sickbay to get over this latest ordeal...

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