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Discontinuity, Part 5

After Thomas's treachery from the sim before, the whole crew found itself divided into two separate groups in the Canaday's brig. There they were reunited with Captain Mitchell, Warp's alternate who had been trapped aboard for the last few days. Arnet was still on the alt. Potemkin's sickbay and Prax had been taken into questioning by Roacher's men. Possibly even worse, Thomas had been betrayed by Roacher and given a cell next to the rest.

As the sim opened, the crew was enduring the humiliation of being trapped and also Thomas's never ending slur of negative comments and whistling. This went on for several minutes with tempers firing among the crew. No escape possibilities seemed evident for the moment. Then, unexpectedly, the forcefield on Thomas's cell shut down as his whistling hit a certain melody. He later explained that he had put a certain subroutine in nearly four years earlier 'just in case.' He then promptly left the brig with the crew still stranded.

In a redeeming move, minutes after Thomas left, the rest of the forcefields dropped. With the crew released, a plan was devised to take advantage of the situation and seize the Canaday for the Grey Coats. Lt. Tora established that the armory was on the same deck, and weapons were quickly acquired. Two teams were formed to assault the bridge through the Captain's Ready Room and the Observation Lounge.

After a jolly time crawling around in Jeffrey's tubes, the strike teams got into position. The siege of the bridge was brief but intense. At one point the survivors begged to surrender, but they surprised the crew by pulling "cricket" phasers and continued until they were taken out. The only thing to dampen the mood of the crew was the fact that Roacher was mysteriously absent from his own bridge...

Then the irepressable Thomas arrived at the bridge to reveal Roacher's fate. The infamous Captain had been on the Potemkin when Thomas had activated a computer virus to shut the ship down, much in the same fashion as he had done to the Canaday during the siege of Memory Alpha. He explained that he found Warp's original rescue plan suicidal at best, and had come up with a last minute substitute that not only retrieved Captain Mitchell, but allowed the capture of the Canaday.

Captain Mitchell and Thomas then beamed to the 'Tem's bridge to reactivate the power supplies and confront Roacher. Unfortunately (well...that depends really on whose saying it) Roacher surprised the pair with a borrowed Romulan disruptor. He fired at Captain Mitchell, but Thomas jumped in the way and was disintegrated by the beam....

A day later the Canaday was being manned by a skeleton crew under Commander Europa, and the crew of the Potemkin was preparing to be sent home. After one last thanks from Tasha and Captain Mitchell, a transporter beam was activated, and the crew was sent home. They appeared on the bridge of their own Potemkin (along with Prax and Arnet) much to the surprise of the temporarily commander. After a few frightful days on the other side, the crew was home.

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