A fiery nebula and stellar nursery

Discontinuity, Part 4

The 'Tem has been speeding at high warp for the last three days, trying to make it to Earth before the Canaday in order to launch a surprise attack and rescue Captain Mitchell. The main part Starfleet's armada had been tricked into flying to Vulcan, while the Canaday continues its course to Sector 001.

As the sim opened, Warp called everyone into the Observation Lounge to detail his plan for the rescue of Captain Mitchell. Basically, the 'Tem would hid behind a large asteroid, then power down to gray mode and float underneath the Sovereign class vessel. Once there, the shield harmonics would be modulated to interfere with the Canaday's shields, leaving them vulnerable to a boarding party. One problem though: Thomas.

Thomas seemed more agitated then normal and was quick to condemn the plan as idiotic and full of flaws.He stormed out of the briefing, leaving the crew to themselves. Meanwhile, Warp ordered Lt. Fuller to lead a strike team of Lieutenants Hara and Tora to rescue Captain Mitchell. Commander Prax and Lt. Bom were to work together to modulate the shields.

The meeting ended and everyone was off to their respective posts. However, several doubts remain as Bom expressed concerned over Thomas, and Warp assigned Councilor Jordan to keep an eye on him during the operation. During this time, the 'Tem came to outskirts of the Sol System.

Lt. Reichiel and Ensign Ryan brought the ship into position, and the vessel began the power down to Gray Mode. The strike team prepared for their mission and gathered in the transporter room, and Prax and Bom began working in main engineering on the shields. However, Bom soon found that Prax was not entirely himself...

The object of desire soon came into view, as sensors picked up the Canaday approaching. The plan was put into action. The 'Tem glided out silently into the void of space, and with bated the breath the crew watched as they passed the point of no return. Things were going smoothly enough, when sensors picked up what appeared to be a small science ship, Oberth-class emerging from behind the moon. Fears of a second Starfleet vessel giving away their position had everyone ready to try to escape.

Warp then announced that what the sensors were reading were actually three shuttles that had been launched by the 'Tem earlier. They acted as a diversion to draw the foe's attention, allowing the Potemkin to get the drop on them. The Canaday drew near the shuttles (much to everyone's surprise given Roacher's paranoia and caution), and all three went to warp. However, it was just enough for the Potemkin to get into position.

Then real surprises were yet to begin. The Canaday lowered its shields prematurely, completely nullifying the shield modifications. Sparks fly as electrical discharges danced between the two vessels. The Potemkin is hardest hit, with main power failing all through the ships. The electrical discharges continued, but now the Canaday joined with phaser fire and locking on with a tractor beam.

Instantly, all eyes fell to Thomas. He activated some sort of program, trapping all those on the bridge in individual forcefields and the rest of the crew in various locations throughout the ship. Finally, he contacted Roacher, informing him that the ship is ready to be handed over...just as he promised!

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