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Discontinuity, Part 3

After Warp and Thomas' chat in the observation lounge, the 'Tem began a trek into just inside the Romulan Empire in order to contact the Alt. Eli Stone, who was an information dealer for both the Romulans and (apparently) Starfleet. Science and Engineering officers were put in charge of adapting the bi-transponder system employed by the Santiago/Independence from last sim. Meanwhile, Tactical, Command, and Ops was gathering on the bridge in order to plan the rescue of Captain Mitchell from the clutches of Captain Bryan Roacher.

Things took a turn for the surprisingly when Lt. Tora suddenly appeared on the bridge, extremely confused. It seemed that the ingenious transporting nanoprobes had managed to invade Tora's body. When they came in contact with the power source from his Borg parts...pow...he landed in the Alt. Universe.

Clashes became apparent as Cmdr. Europa criticized the more layed back style of command prevelant on Warp's Potemkin, and a whole new generation of crew members came to loathe the outspoken and condescending Thomas.

Lt. Bom found a way to reconfigure the transponder's software and hardware to produce the desired effect, after reading the limited material they had on the Independence's work of engineering. Cmdr. Arkin and Lt. Andronicus took care of the software while Bom reconfigured the hardware. To any Romulan ships out there, the 'Tem was just another warbird.

Finally, they reached where Stone had set up his base of operations. The plan was formed to send Counselor Jordan as her alternate self (a botanist on Vulcan) to stated that she had heard from Grey Coat operatives that the attack on Sector 001 was a false alarm and that Vulcan was the true intended target. Lt. Fuller flew Jordan down in a runabout with Thomas to coach her on the workings of this universe and what to say to Stone.

The meeting with Stone was brief. Jordan delivered the information and was out again with no indication that Stone believed her. Back aboard, the rescue plan was hitting a few snags with different opinions clashing. However, Lt. Fuller and Ens. Ryan and found a way to make a close run on Canaday without being detected.

Then, a communication flared across the Potemkin's speakers. It was Stone, broadcasting to the Canaday, telling him that the Grey Coat attack was going to be on Vulcan. The trap had been laid...

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