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Discontinuity, Part 2

At the beginning of "Discontinuity, Part II" the Potemkin's crew found itself still in the Alternate Universe and aboard that reality's USS Potemkin. Quick banter broke out between Thomas Arnet and Captain Warp, while comments from other officers indicated that the situation was too tense to allow for wasting time in such a manner. It was revealed that Captain Mitchell (Warp's alternate and the commanding officer of the Alternate Potemkin) was not aboard, and that negotiations were scheduled to commence with the alternate Prax Jarvin shortly. Warp was asked -- or practically told -- to stand in for Mitchell without so much as a chance to rehearse for the role.

An away team was formed to visit the surface of the planet for the meeting with Alternate Prax. Counselor Jordan was asked to come along, followed by Lieutenants Fuller and Andronicus, and also Ensign Ryan. Commander Europa, the Alternate Potemkin's first officer, tagged along for support and to provide information while the away team was en route. Meanwhile, Thomas Arnet and Lieutenant Commander Tasha (the Alternate Potemkin's second officer) stayed aboard the ship with Commander Prax (who went to engineering to be of assistance there), Commander Arkin, Lieutenants Reichiel and Hara, and Ensign Taggart. As soon as the away team departed, trouble arose: a Starfleet vessel was detected approaching them, and it was identified as the USS Santiago, a Defiant-class warship, with shields up. The ship prepared for possible combat.

Warp's party was approached by a group of armed Bajorans, headed by a rather harsh, cigarette-smoking Prax Jarvin. Discussions began in a strained manner, with Warp struggling to play his part and Prax being obstinate and abrasive. Offers of blankets, rations, and even weapons failed to woo the Bajoran freedom fighter. Talks appeared to be breaking down.

The volatile situation aboard the Alternate Potemkin suddenly softened as the Santiago's transponder switched messages and identified the vessel as the USS Independence, a Gray Faction -- friendly -- vessel. Communications began with the Independence's CO, a brown-haired woman, Captain Franklin. She seemed less than enthused with Thomas, and by her remarks, it sounded as though he'd managed to disappoint her several times in the past. She sent a message for Commander Europa and then closed the channel after warning Thomas to be sure to relay the message properly.

The away team managed to reach an agreement with Prax by offering support in the form of all of the Gray Faction's ships in one week's time. Things seemed to be going very well until Prax demanded to hear a password. Warp bluffed and guessed that there was no password, but his guess was wrong. The Bajorans approached the away team with weapons drawn. Another quick guess yielded the right answer: "Zeddar." The deal was sealed.

Arkin signaled the away team, asking them to beam back aboard immediately. Warp delayed to ensure that the talks with the Bajorans were truly completed. He included some rather biting remarks to Thomas over the comm to continue to portray his character properly. Once Warp and Europa were satisfied that Prax was content with the arrangement, the away team beamed back to the Alternate Potemkin.

After the entire crew had assembled on the bridge, it was obvious that bad news was afoot. Captain Mitchell was no longer missing, because his location had been identified. He had been captured by the USS Canaday and was being held by her ruthless commanding officer, Captain Roacher!

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