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Discontinuity, Part 1

The sim started off one hour after the homicide/suicide committed by Doctor Arnet. Still in a war zone, the security personnel were tasked with keeping the ship safe while Arkin, the de-facto CO, conducted an investigation with Bom, Jordan, MacCoroy, and Chief Rocci.

Discussions abound as the crew tried to come to grips with what just happened. MacCoroy revealed that Arnet had seemed normal up until the shooting started, and he wasn't sure what had set the doctor off. Jordan noted that he had intentionally targeted Warp and Prax. MacCoroy began collecting samples of what was left of the three for their death certificates, stating that he would study them to see if they could give any indication of with what Arnet had injected them.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Marquez was asking the security officers to keep ship security in mind, but was meeting resistance. Hara was borrowed by Bom to check into a hunch - the phaser alarm system did not go off when Arnet had fired. After a bit of investigation, Hara was able to track down an apparent glitch that had kept the system from working properly.

Marquez finally got Arkin to order the tactical/security to answer to him, and Reichiel and Fuller were tasked with tracking any other vessel in the area. The crew speculated that it was possible that the phaser hadn't killed Warp and Prax at all, but they had been transported. MacCoroy confirmed that it was possible, as he had just found something odd - there was no genetic material to find where Warp and Prax stood. He was also quick to note that the transporter theory would leave uniform fibers where they stood. He had found nothing at all, there was literally no evidence to go off of.

Bom tried tracing any transporter signals, but was unable to detect anything. He went back to work on looking into the hacked phaser alarm system, noting that who ever was responsible had done a very efficient job. Marquez and Rocci both suggested tracking down the hypospray Arnet had used. After a bit of searching, they detected a hypospray on a turbolift car between decks 13 and 14. Fuller and Riechiel were dispatched to retrieve it.

At this point the 'Tem was contacted by Admiral Sorin, who finalized Arkin's command and the investigation, but made it clear that it was not to hamper the war effort at all. Rocci was dispatched to consult with Nguyen whether there had been any transporter activity during the time of the Warp, Prax, and Arnet's "death." He didn't find any, but did managed to discover a vague unfamiliar subroutine implanted in the transporter controls. At the same time Fuller and Riechiel found the hypospray; it had been cracked open and was leaking some of its contents.

Upon returning to the bridge, MacCoroy found the hypospray to be full of nanoprobes - Arnet's specialty. Bom managed to deduced that they actually contained hidden transporter coordinates embedded in their programming. Things were progressing rapidly...until another Arkin stepped out of the turbolift and ordered them to seize the Arkin on the bridge!

Bom and Marquez tried to put both Arkin's together to figure everything else, but the first Arkin broke away, knocked Marquez unconscious, and tried to escape. She was eventually taken down, but Marquez was taken to sickbay by MacCoroy. The real Arkin revealed that she had been attacked in her quarters and drugged, and she was quickly informed of the current situation.

Suddenly, Hara began to notice a growing whine - a power build up. It got louder, and the crew moved to hit the deck - and then there was blinding flash of light. The crew suddenly found itself on a the bridge of the Potemkin, but both Warp and Prax were there. Before anyone had time to catch their breath, two people entered the bridge. One was a blond haired woman in science blue named Tasha, and the other was shabby and gruff looking Arnet look alike who went by Thomas and greeted Warp with an enthusiastic "'allo Jim!"

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